About Green Light Canada Global Mobility Solutions Ltd.

Green Light Canada Global Mobility Solutions Ltd. offers expertise in immigration-related procedures and policies. We maintain a high rate of success and consequently, our seamless experience in immigration processes have won the trust of both – people who are planning to immigrate to Canada and companies looking for potential employees. We always keep up to speed with the most recent changes and updates in immigration procedures and legislation, keep our clients well informed throughout the process, and adjust the course of our actions accordingly if needed. Our experts are licensed to practice immigration law and offer employment services in Ontario, Manitoba, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Alberta and Saskatchewan

Over the years we represented thousands of immigration cases and achieved an impressive rate of success. Our areas of expertise include but are not limited to:

We are working side by side with our clients on every case

Our goal is to provide our clients with high standards of service in immigration law by offering exceptional professionalism, expert knowledge, and many years of experience in delivering the ultimate success of your case. The success of a winning case largely depends on the level of trust and openness between the lawyer and the client, and we make sure we build that trust by working side by side with our clients on every case.

Moreover, we are always upfront with our clients about their chances for a successful immigration or securing their position in the labour market. Our years of legal practice, thousands of successful cases, plus analyzing cases that have ended up with a favourable decision in the past, allow us to be quite realistic about the outcome.

Green Light Canada Global Mobility Solutions Ltd. is proud of the high standard of service offered to our clients

Our pricing policy along with the level of service is one of the best and most efficient in the industry. We closely follow all the legal and procedural requirements for the cases which guarantee a high success rate and approval.

Our focus is on choosing the right strategy from the very beginning is based on our experience and current legislation. Mistakes, and incorrectly filled out forms, as well as incomplete information can doom your case, and result in repeat application procedures that will be more difficult.

Therefore, we encourage you to come to us first for qualified opinion to avoid costly mistakes. However, we do take on the cases at any stage as long as you are upfront with us on the details of the steps taken before and the paperwork submitted already.

Our Mission

Founded by immigrants for immigrants, Green Light Canada Global Mobility Solutions Ltd. strives to provide outstanding immigration services for those who desire to work, study or move to Canada. Our clients are our priority and thus we ensure success by working professionally and by addressing each case in an individualized manner. We are proud to contribute to the global mobility, the diversity, and the multiculturalism of the Canadian population.

Our Goal

Our immigration consultants are devoted to making your immigration process smooth and fast. We accept even the most complex cases, properly instructing and guiding our clients from the first meeting and until the issuance of the permanent residency card, study or work permit or a visitor visa. As a leading immigration consulting company, we have earned a spotless reputation and our success rate exceeds 95% of applications.

Our Values

Customer service

Green Light Canada Global Mobility Solutions Ltd. is committed to the absolute highest level of customer service and satisfaction.

Professional Consultants

Our consultants and assistants are intensely trained and will bring the highest degree of immigration legislation knowledge.

Tailored Solutions

We are committed to providing uniquely tailored solutions even in the most complex cases.

Immigration in the Information Era

Information is a key to success. We monitor and analyze every existing Federal, Provincial and Municipal immigration program in Canada to allow our clients access the new opportunities.

Continuous improvement

We are committed to the constant creativity and development of immigration services.

Are you thinking to immigrate to Canada? Get in touch with Green Light Canada Global Mobility Solutions Ltd. to evaluate your chances and get a detailed overview of the process.