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Up to 90% of skilled immigrants (250-270 thousand people) immigrate annually under the following four immigration streams

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We, at Green Light, work with more than 400 companies across Canada and assist them to recruit local and foreign workers to fill their labor shortage. We are a licensed Canadian immigration and recruitment firm. We manage immigration and employment cases of candidates who were recruited by Canadian employers we work for.

We work with all the major stream of immigration to Canada through employment

  • Express Entry and Provincial Immigration Programs.
  • Job Offer based immigration streams.
  • Business Immigration.
  • International Mobility Streams.

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Processing time 6-10 months
Express Entry

The program is designed for applicants with high or technical education, proven work experience and a good level of English and/or French. Priority is given to candidates with Canadian Work Experience, or a job offer confirmed by LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment issued by Service Canada).

Processing time 18-24 months
Provincial Programs (not administered via Express Entry)

Unlike Express Entry, where the criteria is based on the candidate's background, such as age, education, experience and level of the language skills, provincial programs are targeted to candidates with ties to a province. More than 25 provincial programs available for candidates with a job offer from an employer operating in a province.

Processing time 6-9 months
Atlantic Program

The program requirements are relatively low compared with other immigration streams. Candidate with secondary education, one year of work experience and basic English or French can immigrate through this program. BUT only if they have a job offer from an employer operating in one of the Atlantic provinces.

Processing time 3-6 months
Immigration through Work Visa

Canada is struggling with a huge labour shortage therefore, attracting foreign workers is one of the priorities of the Canadian Government. After obtaining a work visa and working for one year, candidates have an opportunity for secured immigration process. A job offer from an employer operating in Canada is a mandatory requirement for a work visa.

What Is The Main Chalenge In Immigration To Canada?

For decades, obtaining a job offer from a Canadian employer has been a mandatory requirement to apply for a work visa and one of the major conditions for applicants' permanent residency applications.

Despite, Canada being one of the top growing global economies, and of course, foreign workers being one of the main sources to fill the labor shortage, securing a job being not in Canada has been a challenge as:

  • First, you must find a job remotely.
  • Second, the competition between applicants from overseas looking to find a job in Canada has always been high.

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