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From the minute the students walk in and throughout the rest of their lives, they know they made the right choice.

Since 1988 the private institution known as Anderson College has attracted thousands of students to, not only study but gain experience. Anderson College provides a bounty of opportunities to help students to get the most out of their enrollment.

They have flexible schedules to give students the opportunity to work up to 20 hours a week, in order to get experience or to help students finance their education. Anderson College also has the advantage of being a private college, giving it the ability to provide students with smaller classes to increase one on one time with the teacher.

Services For International Students

Beyond the services offered to most students, there are also services offered exclusively to International students. These services help students with personal problems that they may face, such as finding a friend group to helping with academically based issues, including one on one counseling.

International Student Advisor

On their campus, Anderson College has employed an “International Student Advisor,” and one of their tasks is to help connect international students to ethnic clubs or associations, which they are welcome to join. It helps to reduce the loneliness that many international students experience when leaving their home country.

The students in these clubs have often gone through a similar experience to what the new students are feeling which can help them bond and assist in the forming of a relationship.

Student Workshops

Anderson College also provides a number of workshops to assist new international students with their transition to Canada, whether it is the culture, academic structure, obtaining a higher level of fluency in the English language or anything else.

Financial Consultation and Assistance

The College also offers special financial assistance to international students as well as financial consultation. It helps them to understand the financial system in Canada, as well as help with any funding.

Career Path Evaluation

The College has successfully developed a career evaluation counseling program. The goal of the program is to help students understand their future career development potential.

Individual Counselling

The College makes sure that counseling is available to help students with any personal issues that they may be facing, such as anxiety, stress, loneliness, and homesickness.

To access the services there are a few admission requirements. In order to enroll the students must be:

  • at least 18 years old,
  • Complete the International Student Application Form online
  • pass the Wonderlic personnel test,
  • provide photographic identification
  • and provide proof of English proficiency.

After being accepted into a program, there is also a registration form that must be completed.

For more information, please visit the Anderson College website at

For more information on the application process, please visit

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