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We draw your attention to the fact that currently there are more than 80 different Canadian immigration programs. Our experts, as accurately as possible, will assess your chances of participating: in the programs of general entry of the provincial, business immigration, family reunification. The personal information you provide is protected. We undertake to use the information received from you solely for the purpose of assessing your potential for immigration to Canada.

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I've hired Green Light for a work permit case with a company based in Toronto. They offered me several options and we decided for the one which was better for my case. Eugene and Ana supported me during process and all went well, the process was faster than expected too. I highly recommend Green Light for your immigration cases.

Mammad Nassirian

I worked with Green Light and directly with Pavel Lifanov for my PR-express entry application. I am sure everyone hates running after people for responses and answers to their questions and Pavel did a great job with walking me through the steps, following up and responding to all my inquiries always within 30 minutes or less. I have also referred multiple friends in Canada and outside of Canada to them. Great team, definitely recommend!

Adrián Costales

I just want to thank Green Light Immigration and especially Pavel Lifanov, an excellent person who has complete knowledge of the subject. He helped me and advised be at all times with my process, for which it was very fast. I highly recommend them, any process you need, they will help you in the best way.

Alex Rakhmilevitch

I'd like to recommend Green Light Canada to all - potential immigrants to Canada & Canadians who need assistance as well. I have hired this company in two cases - foreign worker LMIA (business case) & family immigration issue; in both cases it was 100% success from the first attempt.

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