Would you like to study in English and to get a Canadian degree?

Have you ever thought about an international career?

Do you want to immigrate to Canada?

Study in Canada can grant you all the above opportunities!

There are about 300,000 international students studying in Canada. The government of Canada clearly express its interest to even increase this number. Foreign graduates are the best candidates to become new Canadians – they know English and/or French fluently, they are competitive on the Canadian labour market and finally they need time for adaptation to Canadian culture! Study in Canada can grant you all the above opportunities!

The other advantage of Canadian education is the cost. Compared to education in the other English-speaking states it is much cheaper. Moreover, many programs, especially for the Graduate students, provide funding for the foreign students! Finally, the process of obtaining a Study Permit is much simpler than anywhere in the world. Moreover, Canada also grants foreign students an opportunity to work up to 20 hours off campus.

Degree from a designated Canadian educational institution allows you to obtain skills that are in demand on the Canadian market and opens the opportunity to get Canadian work experience to
apply for a Permanent Residency.

We cooperate with almost all designated educational institutions in Canada. Our consultants will help you to find the best program for you and assist to apply for a study permit.


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