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Business Immigration

Business immigration is one of the most successful streams of immigration to Canada. There are several types of business immigration, the main purpose of which is to initiate the influx of talented people to Canada, whose efforts, knowledge and talents will help create jobs and make a profit for themselves and the country. Among the many areas of business immigration, these are the most successful.

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Managing your Own/ Buying an Existing Business

This stream will help you transfer your existing business to Canada or start a business in Canada, which will give you the opportunity to obtain a work permit and subsequently apply for permanent residency for the whole family.

Attention! This program does not have a criterion for the size of the investment. The candidate receives a work permit based on a business plan only. After spending a year in Canada, you can start the immigration process.

Start-Up Visa

The candidate requirements are that the individual has a unique business idea in the field of science, technology, production or service, and that they receive the investment from Canadian investors or venture funds. This has been the standard practice since the launch of the program in 2013, and dozens of our clients have obtained a residency permit since launching their businesses with this program.

Business Immigration to the Province of Quebec

The requirements for business immigration to Quebec are: at least 2 years of experience in business management of any level, assets valued at $1,800,000 CAD, and investment of $800,000 CAD in the provincial treasury for 5 years without interest.

Provincial Programs for Investors

The candidate requirements are that the individual has the intention to live in the province and take on an active role in the management of a new or existing business, and a detailed business development plan including the role of the investor in managing the business. Often, the provinces require a guarantee deposit of $75,000 CAD to $350,000 CAD, which can be refunded after the opening of the business. There will also be medical and criminal background checks.


Other Programs

Green Light immigration consultants offer assistanc in all business immigration programs and provide a full range of services, from developing a strategy and business plan to work, visa applications and permanent resident status. At the same time, we provide advice on the development of your business as part of your immigration process.
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