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Business in Canada = Immigration to Canada!

For decades, Canada has been known as a trusted brand and there’s a reason for it! Canada allows businesses to thrive and develop.

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Years of experience

Why Greenlight?

We, at Green Light, work with more than 50 business hubs and mentors for entrepreneurs in Canada. We are entrepreneurs ourselves.

We have helped open and manage more than 200 businesses for our clients and have invested in a few ourselves. We know what businesspeople and business ideas Canada needs and can help you make the right decision and setup your Canadian business. We know how to guide you to become a permanent resident in Canada based on your Canadian business.

We are a licensed Canadian immigration law firm. We manage business immigration cases for our clients and walk them all the way throughout the process.

How Long Does it Take?

On average, the process of obtaining a work visa takes about six months.

We open a corporation for you and work on your business plan.
We apply for a work permit.
Your work permit is approved and you come to Canada to manage your business.

Business in Canada

Canada helps businesses to succeed and become competitive and profitable as in Canada, the real people, just like, are those who make the difference, and your business may become a success story in Canada.

You can receive government grants, government secured loans, funded training for your staff and yourself and guidance to make your Canadian business a highly successful one.

Starting a business in Canada from overseas may appear as a tough task. We know that you must be thinking:

  • How can I open a business in Canada from another country?
  • How can I obtain funding for start-up?
  • How can I learn all the tax and employment rules and regulations?
  • How can I decide what my business will be doing?
  • How can I become a permanent resident if I have a business in Canada?

Our Process

  • You

    Fill out our assessment form

  • Green Light

    Review your information within 24 hours and schedule a free of charge assessment consultation with our recruitment specialist to discuss your employment opportunities

  • Green Light

    We discuss and prepare your business plan to meet your business idea with the best business environment in Canada and make it clear and conclusive for the immigration authorities in Canada

  • Green Light

    We apply for LMIA/ LMIA exemption and a work permit/visa

Did you know that more immigrants own a business than people born in Canada? Contact Us Today

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