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Canada Introduces New Law to Facilitate Francophone Immigration

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Canada Introduces New Law to Facilitate Francophone Immigration

Canada’s recent legislation highlights the significance of the French language by giving priority to francophone immigration and minorities outside Quebec.

For the first time, Bill C-13 incorporates immigration into Canada’s Official Languages Act (OLA), which established English and French as the official languages. This modernization of the OLA acknowledges the need to safeguard French as an official language facing potential threats. The law contains three sections, with the first part amending the Official Languages Act. The second part regulates French usage in federally regulated private businesses, and the third part outlines the legal implementation of the legislation.

What’s more, In a historic move, the new law incorporates immigration into the Official Languages Act, underscoring the significance of francophone immigration for minority communities outside Quebec. 

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Promoting Francophone Immigration: Key Provisions and Implications

The legislation includes impactful changes that require Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to establish a comprehensive francophone immigration policy with clear objectives, targets, and indicators. Moreover, it recognizes immigration as a vital element in preserving and strengthening the demographic presence of Francophone minority communities.

Additionally, the law grants the right to work and receive services in French to employees in federally regulated private businesses in Quebec, as well as French minority communities outside Quebec. Furthermore, it mandates that all Supreme Court of Canada judges must be bilingual to improve access to justice.

Besides, According to the Liberal government, the new law is expected to tackle the shortage of bilingual workers and enhance French-language services in childcare, education, and healthcare throughout Canada.


The IRCC’s Dedication to Francophone Immigration

Francophone minority communities across Canada are facing a concerning decline in their demographic representation. The latest data from the 2021 Census reveals a decrease in the overall proportion of Francophones outside Quebec, dropping from 3.6% in 2016 to 3.3% in 2021.

Acknowledging this decline, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have steadfastly supported Francophone immigration outside Quebec. Recognizing the importance of preserving and revitalizing Francophone communities, the IRCC strives to ensure access to French settlement services, emphasizing the significance of language and cultural diversity in Canada’s fabric.

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IRCC’s Strategic Initiatives and Targets

In 2019, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) introduced the Francophone Immigration Strategy, which is a comprehensive plan to strengthen various stages of the immigration process. This strategy aims to promote and attract potential immigrants through IRCC missions abroad and support their selection and integration within Canada.

IRCC is actively committed to welcoming 4.4% of French-speaking admissions to Canada outside Quebec by 2023. With targeted efforts in place, the department is confident in its progress towards achieving this goal, thereby bolstering Francophone immigration and enriching linguistic diversity across the country.

The Francophone Immigration Strategy includes key initiatives:

    • Enhanced Points Allocation: The Express Entry system assigns additional points to French-speaking and bilingual candidates, recognizing the value of language skills in the immigration process.
    • Temporary Dedicated Streams: Specifically designed pathways have been established to facilitate the transition from temporary residence to permanent residence for French-speaking and bilingual candidates who are essential workers or recent international graduates already residing in Canada.
    • Increased Funding for Francophone Service Providers: The funding for francophone service providers has been expanded, ensuring that nearly 80 organizations are available to deliver settlement services to French-speaking newcomers outside Quebec. This support enhances their integration and overall settlement experience.
      Canada Introduces New Law to Facilitate Francophone Immigration

      Moreover, In their ongoing efforts, IRCC actively crafts a comprehensive policy on Francophone immigration. This policy aims to establish a more impactful admission target for francophone immigrants outside Quebec. It’ll reflect the significance of fostering linguistic diversity and support Francophone communities across Canada. With a focus on enhancing opportunities and integration for French-speaking individuals, IRCC dedicates itself to shaping an inclusive and forward-thinking approach to Francophone immigration.

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