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Canada is Deporting Indian Students Who Have Presented Fraudulent Admission Offer Letters

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Canada is Deporting Indian Students Who Have Presented Fraudulent Admission Offer Letters

Over 700 Indian students are at risk of being deported from Canada as it was revealed that the admission offer letters they received from their educational institution were fraudulent. The students’ attempt to apply for permanent residency in Canada brought the scam to light. The Canadian Border Service Agency (CBSA) conducted an investigation on the documents that were used to grant the visas and confirmed that the letters were indeed fake.

The majority of these students arrived in Canada between 2018 and 2019 to pursue their studies. Despite completing their programs, many were granted work permits and had gained work experience in Canada.

As per the Toronto Star report, these students had applied for their study visas through Education Migration Services, a consulting firm located in Jalandhar. The company, led by Brijesh Mishra, charged the students exorbitant fees to handle their college and visa applications, as well as tuition fees. Mishra has since disappeared, and the company’s Jalandhar office has been shut down.

Regrettably, some education agents take advantage of the eagerness of students to study and work in Canada, offering them false promises of permanent residency. These agents are not authorized, do not sign contracts, and accept cash payments.

In Canada, only authorized lawyers and consultants registered with the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) can legally provide immigration advice and services for a fee. Education agents must also be licensed with the CICC.

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Tips to Prevent International Student Scams

Social media should not be relied upon as a credible source to find immigration consultants and representatives. Scammers often impersonate immigration service providers or government agencies on social media platforms, as it is challenging to verify their identities.

One should always be skeptical of offers that seem too good to be true, such as unsolicited high-paying job offers.

In case of any doubts, it is best to terminate any automated call, email, or text that sounds threatening. Contact the organization directly using their verified contact information to confirm the authenticity.

Frequent Fraudulent Activities Targeting International Students

The Indian students fell prey to a scam typically known as a ‘ghost consultant.’ These are unlicensed immigration representatives or individuals who impersonate representatives from educational institutions.

They provide services to international students, charging a fee, and subsequently disappear or ‘ghost’ the victim once the payment is received. This type of fraud can target those seeking work permits, study permits, or permanent resident status.

Fraudulent job offers are frequently directed toward students. Scammers know that international students often require part-time jobs to support their studies and exploit this vulnerability. Students may receive job offers they did not apply for or solicitations from recruiters requesting fees or personal information.

Students should exercise caution against phishing scams. These typically involve receiving an email or text message requesting sensitive personal information. Additionally, an automated call may threaten legal consequences related to their immigration status.

Lastly, some individuals exploit the housing needs of international students. They contact them before they arrive in Canada, offering fake accommodation in exchange for a payment upfront. These scammers then vanish, leaving students with inadequate or no housing.

Canada is Deporting Indian Students Who Have Presented Fraudulent Admission Offer Letters

International students seeking to study in Canada. Or those encountering problems with their study permits should contact to a certified Canadian immigration lawyer. An experienced immigration lawyer can assist international students with correctly filling out applications, communicate with the Canadian government on behalf of the applicant and ensure the applicant avoids any errors during the immigration process.

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