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Canada Ranks as the Second-Best Country in the World

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In the 2023 Best Countries ranking conducted by U.S. News, Canada has achieved the impressive position of being the second-best country in the world overall. According to U.S. News, this marks a notable improvement from 2022, when Canada held the third spot in the rankings.

U.S. News meticulously evaluated 87 countries across 10 distinct sub-categories to determine these rankings, each featuring the top 20 countries. The assessment was based on the input of over 17,000 individuals from 36 countries, including business leaders, college-educated individuals from the middle class or higher, and citizens representative of each nation. U.S. News thoroughly examined the following 10 sub-categories in the process of ranking these countries:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Quality of Life
  • Social Purpose
  • Cultural Influence
  • Open for Business
  • Adventure
  • Power
  • Heritage
  • Agility
  • Movers

Now, let’s take a closer look at this year’s U.S. News Best Countries rankings.

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Canada’s rankings in the 2023 sub-categories

In the 2023 rankings across 10 sub-categories, Canada secured its place among the top five countries in four, according to the U.S. News.

Entrepreneurship: Canada earned the 5th spot, trailing behind the United States (US), Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom (UK).

Quality of Life: Canada attained an impressive 3rd position, following Sweden and Norway.

Social Purpose: In the Social Purpose sub-category, Canada stood in 4th place, with Sweden, Norway, and Finland ahead.

Agility: Canada excelled by achieving the 2nd rank for Agility, right behind the US.

It’s worth noting that U.S. News’ Social Purpose ranking measures a country’s citizens’ ability to unite around important causes they strongly believe in, reflecting their progressiveness, inclusivity, and commitment to social justice. Meanwhile, the Agility ranking assesses how effectively a country adapts to and tackles challenges, highlighting its adaptability to change.

Furthermore, in the 2023 Best Countries list, which evaluates the top 20 countries for various attributes and qualities, Canada shines in the spotlight. Among the 15 features examined by U.S. News, Canada secures its place in the top seven countries on nine occasions.

To clarify, Canada earns recognition as:

  • The 2nd best country to launch a career.
  • The 4th best country for educational opportunities.
  • The 2nd best country for promoting racial equality.
  • The 6th best country for gender equality.
  • The 6th best country for a comfortable retirement.
  • The 7th best country for international students seeking education abroad.
  • The 7th best country for raising children.
  • The 6th most transparent country.
  • The 2nd best country for establishing corporate headquarters.

Interpreting Canada’s Global Rankings

Canada’s rankings, both in U.S. News’ 10 sub-categories and their “Best For” countries list, underscore that Canada excels in key areas that matter greatly to newcomers. Immigrants choose Canada to forge a brighter future for themselves and their families, and Canada’s consistent top-seven rankings in numerous categories are remarkable.

This is especially evident in Canada’s standing as one of the best countries to kickstart a career and pursue education. Prospective and recent newcomers can take comfort in Canada being a top-tier global destination for skilled professionals and international students.

Besides, Canada’s educational excellence also aligns with its seventh-place ranking for studying abroad.

Looking ahead, immigrants from diverse backgrounds should note that Canada ranks seventh for raising children and second for racial equality. This signifies that immigrant parents can have confidence in their children growing up in an inclusive and welcoming environment, a promising foundation for their future.

Lastly, Canada’s position as the sixth-best country in the world for a comfortable retirement reflects that it’s one of the finest places to spend post-career life. Whether born in Canada or arriving as immigrants, residents can anticipate a comfortable retirement as they transition beyond their working years, savoring the life they’ve diligently crafted during their earlier stages.

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