Visitor Visa to Canada

Depending on your citizenship, your plans to visit Canada can be overshadowed by the need to obtain a visitor visa. For many people, the process of filing documents is an exhausting and complicated process.

Our company offers you several strategies for obtaining a visitor visa:

  • Tours and organized trips for people with an extensive travelling background
  • Invitation from family or friends
  • Invitation from Canadian Companies, business tours
  • Organization of visits to professional seminars, conferences and exhibitions
  • Short language courses (up to 6 months) for those who want to improve their English skills
  • Support for children in the summer and winter camps

The decision to issue a visitor visa is taken by the Embassy of Canada in the country of residence/citizenship of the applicant. This decision is based on several important factors: your financial conditions, your employment in the country of residence, and the confidence of the immigration officer that at the end of the visit, you will return to the country of residence and won’t stay in Canada illegally.

Choosing the right strategy and correctly filed documents increase your chances of obtaining a positive decision.

Our statistics show that 8 out of 10 of our clients successfully received a visitor visa and were able to enter Canada without any problems or exhausting collection of multiple documents.

In the case of refusal, we resort to the appeal procedure using the CAIPS system, which allows you to access your file and the officer’s comments about the refusal, analyze the weaknesses of your application and take appropriate measures to fix them.

For many visitors, a trip to Canada, one of the most developed countries of the world, becomes decisive. Meeting the beauty of Canadian nature, and observing the high living standards of Canadians, makes it hard to resist the temptation to stay here for a long time or maybe forever.

A tourist in Canada has many opportunities to stay on Canadian soil legally: to take a language course and enroll in a college or university; get a professional license or find an employer who will appreciate your skills; to undertake a study visit to one of the provinces and get support of immigration; or if there is a motive, claim protection as a refugee.

All this becomes possible with Green Light Canada Global Mobility Solutions Ltd. Our professionals will help you to expertly fill out the application forms and correctly choose the immigration strategy that is right for you.