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Canada’s Safest Cities: 8 in Ontario Make the List

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Rentola, an online platform for tenants and landlords, recently released a report ranking the safety of Canadian cities. The findings revealed that Ontario was home to eight of Canada’s top ten safest cities. Additionally, the study identified that 10 of the top 20 safest cities in the country were also in Ontario.

This comprehensive report evaluated cities based on law enforcement efficiency and crime rates, assigning each a safety score. The analysis relied on data from Statistics Canada and considered various factors, including:

  • Citizens per police officer ratio.
  • Violent crime index, focusing on severe offenses like homicides, assaults, and robberies.
  • The non-violent crime index included embezzlement, insider trading, and fraud.
  • Crime solving rate, calculated as the percentage of solved cases among reported crimes.
  • Crime severity index, derived from assessing the seriousness and frequency of crimes within each city.


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Canada’s Safest Cities Revealed: Ontario Dominates the Top Spots

The study aimed to consolidate these findings into a unified safety score, employing a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 represents the lowest safety, and 10 indicates the highest attainable protection.

Here are the ten safest cities in Canada, accompanied by their corresponding safety scores:

  • Barrie, Ontario: 7.13
  • Brantford, Ontario: 7.00
  • Guelph, Ontario: 6.84
  • Toronto, Ontario: 6.63
  • Saint John, New Brunswick: 6.63
  • Belleville, Ontario: 6.43
  • Windsor, Ontario: 6.42
  • St. Catharines-Niagara, Ontario: 6.40
  • Lethbridge, Alberta: 6.37
  • Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo, Ontario: 6.29


Notably, Toronto ranks as the fourth safest city in Canada despite being the country’s most populous city with a city population of 2.7 million and a broader population of 6.2 million when considering the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), as examined in the Rentola study. Interestingly, comparably populous Canadian cities such as Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary received lower rankings despite having smaller populations. This data provides compelling evidence, within the confines of this study, for the prevailing safety of Canada’s most densely populated city and its surrounding metropolitan areas.

From a provincial perspective, out of the 34 cities analyzed in this report, 14 were located in Ontario, six in Quebec, four in British Columbia, and three in Alberta. Surprisingly, Ontario and Quebec demonstrated significantly lower crime severity compared to other Canadian provinces despite being the two most populated provinces in the nation. Equally astonishing was the report’s revelation that the Northwest Territories experienced the most severe crime rates in the country.

Is this Information Helpful in Making a Living Decision?

Although the Rentola report doesn’t claim to cover all safety aspects of every Canadian city (due to missing data leading to their exclusion), it does offer valuable insights into crime and law enforcement across various cities. Readers can use this information to assess a city’s safety. Furthermore, Statistics Canada has released data that can help newcomers make informed decisions about where to live while staying connected to a major city. Readers can also explore reports considering additional factors like Gross Domestic Product, nightlife, climate, and more. By combining these studies, newcomers can make informed choices when selecting the ideal location to start their new life in Canada.

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