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The Canadian Experience Class is the easiest way to immigrate to Canada!

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One of the three current federal immigration programs that are processed through the Express Entry selection system is the Canadian Experience Class. The Canadian government welcomes the desire of foreign professionals with Canadian experience to become permanent residents of Canada. Such specialists are, in fact, ideal candidates for immigration to Canada. These people have already adapted to life in the country and already contributed to the Canadian society and the economy. Such immigrants almost do not need to learn the Canadian way of life, because they already know them – beginning with universal healthcare, banking services, or even celebrating Canadian holidays.

As practice shows, the bulk of candidates for immigration through the Canadian Experience Class, apply from Canada. However, this does not mean that those who returned to their home country cannot use this program. Canada values people who comply with the law and leave Canada after their work permits expire. Thus, if you have at least one year of skilled work experience in Canada in the last three years, you have a chance to immigrate under this program.

The federal selection system automatically selects candidates who meet the requirements of the Canadian Experience Class. To do this, in addition to having one year of work experience in Canada, it is also necessary to pass a language proficiency examination at the level CLB 5 for candidates from trade occupations and level CLB 7 for skilled workers. However, candidates still need to score a passing CRS, through an assessment of factors such as education, age, work experience and language skills. An additional attraction of this program is that you don’t need to show that you have enough money to support yourself and your family to meet the program requirements of the Canadian Experience Class, which you need to meet under the other Federal programs such as the Federal Skilled Worker program and the Federal Skilled Trades program.

The Canadian Experience Class is probably the best immigration program for foreign students. After completing the program at a Canadian university or college, many international graduates can stay in the country thanks to Post Graduate Work Permit. If during the validity of this permit, a foreign graduate gets at least one year of skilled work experience, he/she can apply for the Permanent Residency through the Canadian Experience Class. In addition, foreign graduates receive bonus points for studying in a Canadian institution.

If you already have a year of Canadian work experience, you can become a permanent resident of Canada in the next few months!

Contact us to find out if you can immigrate to Canada through the Canadian Experience Class program. Our experts will advise you on all issues of this immigration path.

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