Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds

The humanitarian immigration program allows individuals in exceptional circumstances to apply for permanent resident status in Canada on the basis of an exception to existing rules but within the framework of the current immigration law, based on Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds

When considering applications for a humanitarian immigration program, circumstances are taken into account that the applicant has good reasons to permanently reside in Canada, rather than in the country of his citizenship or permanent residence, because this, for example, endangers his/her physical or mental health or life.

The humanitarian program should not be confused with the refugee program, one of the criteria of which is the desire to avoid political or other persecution of citizenship or residence in the country.

Very often, elderly parents resort to the humanitarian program, whose children and grandchildren live permanently in Canada, and who do not have family, financial and other links to the country of citizenship/residence. Also, this program is suitable for those who receive a negative decision on the refugee program.

Documents for the humanitarian program are submitted after the applicant has lived in Canada for at least a year. Therefore, we usually develop our strategy, taking into account that the applicant, first of all, needs to enter Canada with the appropriate permission, whether it be a tourist visa or a Super visa for parents. Immediately before the submission of documents, we provide you with a detailed strategy and its justification and also draw up a list of necessary documents.

We offer an individual approach to each client, so no doubt your application will be filled out taking into account your circumstances and your family situation. We will enter your situation and help correctly and competently prove to the immigration authorities of Canada that you have the right to be considered for humanitarian reasons.

The humanitarian program is a legitimate alternative to a number of immigration programs whose requirements for some reason do not meet your requirements. For example, if one of your parents, due to his age and/or state of health, cannot live on his own, but needs care and support from relatives who for one reason or another cannot apply for a family sponsorship program, the optimal solution in this situation – it is a humanitarian program.

If you have any doubts as to whether this program is right for you, contact Green Light Canada Global Mobility Solutions Ltd. immediately for advice, and we will help you make the right decision.