Federal Skilled Trades

The Federal Skilled Trades program is designed for candidates who work in the trade occupations that Canadian job market needs. It is worth emphasizing that candidates for Federal Skilled Trades can usually be selected on general grounds if they have a high Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS). However, candidates in the trade occupations usually don’t get high scores. Besides that, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada conduct separate rounds of selection exclusively for this program. As of November 2018, there were four rounds of invitation exclusively for Federal Skilled Trades candidates.

In the Express Entry rounds for Federal Skilled Trades, the government does not issue many Invitations to Apply (ITA), and the CRS score to get the ITA is well below the usual minimum scores comparing to Federal Skilled Workers. Most candidates in the trade occupations immigrate to Canada through various Provincial Nominee Programs, since the provincial certificate grants an additional 600 points, which is always enough for ITA.

In 2017 a total of 905 candidates were invited through the Federal Skilled Trades, and only one candidate was invited as part of the regular Express Entry invitation round. The candidates for this program simply did not have a chance to receive an invitation, without having a nomination from the province or the LMIA supported job offer. For this reason, since May 2017, there have been separate rounds of invitation for the Federal Skilled Trades program.

In 2018, the government has already invited 900 candidates for this program, and probably this year there will not be additional rounds for Federal Skilled Trades. However, new Federal Skilled Trades rounds will take place in the new year, and besides that, some provincial programs still have not completed their quotas for 2018.

In general, our experts recommend trade occupations candidates to check the in-demand lists of Provincial Nominee Programs. This way of immigration takes longer time and requires more money, but the chance of moving to Canada in this way is still higher than waiting for the Express Entry invitation rounds aimed at Federal Skilled Trades class.

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