Professional Immigration to Canada

For decades Canada has been promoting open immigration policy accepting annually up to 300.000 newcomers and this number is growing. Although immigration rules and policies are changing from year to year, making it more difficult for some groups, Canada still is interested to attract new talented professionals and labour force to increase Canadian population.

Green Light Canada Global Mobility Solutions Ltd. is registered at ICCRC. Our immigration consultants will be able to evaluate your professional skills and qualifications and suggest the best immigration path in your case.

We provide assistance in finding employment and consequently applying for Permanent Resident status in Canada. Here are the most popular ways for professionals to settle in Canada:

We also offer help with obtaining: 

If you plan to immigrate to Canada, your work experience will help you to get a Permanent Residency and Canadian Citizenship. Moreover, it will help you to successfully settle in the country, boasting one of the world’s leading economies.

In our step by step consultation process, we evaluate your chances for immigration and make sure you have all the available information to choose your course of actions on the path to success.

Contact us at Green Light Canada Global Mobility Solutions Ltd. to find out a program that will work the best for you!