Northwest Territories Nominee Program

Located between the Yukon and Nunavut, the Northwest Territories (NWT) is the name of one vast territory. The Northwest Territories is the land of acres of pristine forests and a population of just over 40,000 inhabitants. The economy of the region exploits its vast geological resources, including natural gas, oil, gold and diamonds. The capital of Yellowknife, located on the shores of the Great Slave Lake, is both a major industrial center for workers in the region and a picturesque city with rich opportunities for recreation.

The Northwest Territories Nominee Program is aimed at immigrants with the skills and experience required by the territory. Successful candidates in the NTNP can obtain the Northwest Territory Nomination Certificate, which will allow a foreign citizen to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

The Northwest Territories Nominee Program consists of several streams:

  • Northwest Territories Express Entry
  • Employer Driven Program
  • Business Driven Program

Northwest Territories Express Entry

This stream is designed for professionals who are registered in the Express Entry system and who satisfy the requirements for one of the three federal immigration programs (Federal Skilled Workers, Federal Skilled Trades, or Canadian Experience Class)

Employer Driven Program

This program has two streams:

  • Critical Impact Worker Streams
  • Skilled Worker Stream
Critical Impact Worker Streams

It is designed for candidates who have received a job offer for a semi-qualified or unqualified position with an employer in the Northwest Territories. At the time of submission, candidates must already work on positions in the Northwest Territories for at least six months.

Skilled Worker Stream

This stream is aimed at candidates who have received a job offer for a qualified position with an employer from the Northwest Territories.

Business Driven Program

Business Driven Program has two streams:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Self Employed Stream
Entrepreneur stream

It is designed for entrepreneurs and / or business owners who wish to start a business in the Northwest Territories

Self Employed Stream

This stream is aimed at individuals entrepreneurs who plan to create businesses that will provide services that are in demand in the Northwest Territories.

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