The oldest college in Ontario is welcoming thousands of students to its halls.

Since Centennial college first opened in 1966, it has welcomed thousands of international students from over 100 countries.

This college was even recognized as the #1 college for international students in Ontario. The Centennial College demonstrates its support for the environmental cause. In 2011 it has constructed a new library, but the building was also certified LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) at the highest rank.

Centennial College also offers services to its international students to help assist them in feeling comfortable in the Canadian environment. The college helps international students by providing them with health care and assistance with housing to ensure that the experience that they have in Canada is not stressful for them.

Peer Tutoring Programs

Centennial College offers peer tutoring sessions where you can make friends while getting help in a subject. Students are given the opportunity to help out fellow students who need help.

Academic English Center

The College helps international students to develop and practice their English skills so that they can easily communicate and learn.

Individual Counselling for Foreign Students

Individual counseling is offered on site to help students cope with both academic and personal life challenges 

Before the international students are able to take advantage of these services, they must be admitted into the college, and there are some requirements: 

  • an application form must be filled out,
  • the international student must have a diploma equivalent to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma
  • proof of sufficient knowledge of English.


For more information, please visit the Centennial website at