We are a Canadian-based immigration company with 24+ years of experience, 3 offices across Canada and USA and 4.8/5 Google rating.

Over 1500 people become Canadian Permanent Residents with our help every year!

Green Light Canada
Green Light Canada

Around 90% of all Canadian immigration (~300 000 people) is under Job Offer-based professional immigration streams.

> 90%
Job Offer-based professional immigration streams
Green Light Canada
Green Light Canada
Green Light Canada


For decades, obtaining a job offer from a Canadian employer has been a mandatory requirement to apply for a work visa and one of the major conditions for applicants’ permanent residency applications.
Despite Canada being one of the top growing global economies, and of course, foreign workers being one of the main sources to fill the labor shortage, securing a job being not in Canada has been a challenge as:

First, you must find a job remotely.
Second, the competition between applicants from overseas looking to find a job in Canada has always been high.


We, at Green Light, work with more than 700 companies across Canada and assist them to recruit local and foreign workers to fill their labor shortage. We are a licensed Canadian immigration and recruitment firm. We manage immigration and employment cases of candidates who were recruited by Canadian employers we work for.

We work with all the major stream of immigration to Canada through employment:

Express Entry and Provincial Immigration Programs.
Job Offer based immigration streams.
Business Immigration.
Immigration for Freelancers (Owner-Operator Work Permit).
International Mobility Streams.
Green Light Canada
Green Light Canada


We are committed to matching our candidates who require a job offer for successful immigration/visa process with potential employers within 3 months.
If we don't - You don't pay!
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Years of experience
Green Light Canada
Study and Immigrate to Canada

24+ years of experience in the Canadian Immigration market. All 24+ years, we are in the same business under the same name and at the same place!

We have 3 offices across Canada and the USA.

Our main office is in Toronto with 57 staff members. This means we are always available to help you once you land in Canada.

Our founders are registered and licensed members of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).

We work with different immigration streams and are able to choose the best program for your move to Canada! Every year, above 1500 our clients become Canadian Permanent Residents with us.

We are a licensed Canadian immigration law firm! We can assist you in both moving to Canada and in becoming a permanent resident of Canada. Our firm handles immigration cases on behalf of our clients and guides them throughout the process.

We work with all the major streams of immigration to Canada through employment



All these candidates used our services and, despite different backgrounds, successfully obtained LMIA + Work Permit and PR after one year of work in Canada.



Feel out our Assessment Form

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Review your information, assess your immigration/work visa opportunities and return to you with the assessment results of your opportunities to relocate to Canada


Make a decision to move to Canada, get a consultation with our immigration specialist, to understand the details of your visa process

Green Light

Match your profile with a Canadian employer (in case of job offer based immigration), Prepare all the necessary documents, required for the visa process, represent you in front of Canadian immigration authorities during the whole visa process

How Much Work Visa/Immigration Process Costs

The total cost of our services differ from one program to another, usually between USD$ 9,000 -15,000 depending on your family composition, country of your citizenship, and other factors paid in installments according to the retainer agreement. 

We will be able to quote the exact cost only after you become our client formally and your immigration strategy is determined by our employment and legal team.

Can I pay for the process after arriving in Canada?

No, the visa services we provide are covered by the client, before coming to Canada.

Please be informed that no sponsorship for your visa process is provided by the Canadian government, our company, or an employer.

However, we never request the total cost to be paid at once or upfront. The price of our services is paid by 3 to 5 installments depending on the program, in accordance with reasonable milestones/once your case advances to a specific stage of immigration. Therefore the process is flexible and guaranteed for our clients. You may consider 2 to 3 months intervals between the installment payments.

For example, in case you decide to proceed with LMIA-Based work permit, you will have to pay the first installment upfront, the second payment is upon getting the job offer letter, the third one - upon receiving positive LMIA and the final payment is when we submit your application for work permit to a visa office.

How long the process takes and Is it guaranteed?

On average, it requires 3-18 months to complete your immigration/visa process. Processing time varies from program to program. 

No one can guarantee you a job or a visa to Canada. Please, be aware of this and avoid companies who make these promises. 

However, with our success rate more than 90%, we can guarantee that we do all our best to get you through the visa and/or immigration process successfully.

In addition, we are committed to the Zero Risk Policy, meaning, in case we are unable to provide you with the job offer within 3 months (since the date you initiate your application officially and provide us with all the necessary documents), you get the full refund.

Can my family join me in Canada?

Your family members (spouse and kids, if applicable) are allowed to travel with you to Canada. 

Your spouse can get an open work permit, regardless of the skilled or non-skilled position you apply for. (Learn more -  Starting January 2023, spouses of foreign employees in non skilled jobs are eligible for open work permits as well as the main applicant (official link)).

Moreover, the whole family can get health insurance that will be provided by the government of Canada  and your children can receive Canadian Education for free.

Do I need to know English to get a work visa to Canada?

Yes, you have to know English. The language requirements vary depending on the program. In general, you should be able to communicate at least on the lower Intermediate level to be able to apply for a work visa.

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