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Documents Required for Migrating to Canada from Abu Dhabi. What Are the Process & Requirements?

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Are you in Abu Dhabi? Do you have the Canadian dream? Know that there are thousands like you. Hundreds migrate to Canada from Abu Dhabi each month. But how do they do it?

What are the documents required for immigrating to Canada from Abu Dhabi? What is the process of immigrating from the Emirates to Canada? This guide will answer all these questions and give you some peace of mind. Let’s take a look!

Most Popular Abu Dhabi to Canada Immigration Pathway

The Canadian government actively seeks immigrants to swell its labor force, so Canada has many immigration programs.

However, some of the most popular programs for immigrating from the UAE to Canada are Express Entry (EE) programs.

Immigrating from the UAE to Canada via Express Entry

Express Entry is an online system for managing immigrant applications for skilled workers. It is one of the fastest routes to immigrate to Canada for permanent residency.

There are three Express Entry programs – the Federal Skilled Workers program (FSWP), the Federal Skilled Trade program (FSTP), and the Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) Federal Skilled Trade Program (FSTP) Canadian Experience Class
For skilled workers with relevant training and work experience (obtained outside Canada) For skilled workers who are qualified in a skilled trade For skilled workers who have Canadian experience

Thus, for Emirati professionals who have never been to Canada, the Federal Skilled Worker and Federal Skilled Trade programs are perfect for immigrating from Abu Dhabi to Canada.

Documents Required for Migrating to Canada from Abu Dhabi

Documents Required for Immigrating from UAE to Canada via Express Entry

You need different documents at different stages of your Express Entry application process:

Passport or Travel Documents

You need a valid passport to prove your identity. When applying for any Express Entry program, it is not enough that your passport is not expired. A valid passport should not expire for at least 6 months from submitting your profile.

Language Test Result

You need a language test result showing that you are proficient in at least one of the two official languages of Canada (English and French).

Education Certificate

Educational qualification shows that you have the knowledge required to perform job activities effectively. An education certificate is a requirement for most Canadian immigration programs, including the FSWP.

Even when it is not a requirement (like when applying for the FSTP), having an education certificate makes you a stronger candidate.

If your education was obtained outside Canada, you will also need an ECA (Educational Credential Assessment). The ECA is a document that proves that your foreign certificate is equivalent to a completed Canadian educational credential.

Proof of Work Experience

The Express Entry programs target skilled workers with relevant work experience. You need proof of your work experience. A reference letter from your employer suffices.

Medical Exam Result

To be admitted into Canada, you need evidence showing that your health will not be a danger to the public’s health/ safety, or overstretch Canada’s health or social services. Thus, you need to do a medical examination and submit the results.

Police Clearance Certificate

To be admitted into Canada, you need to prove that you do not have any criminal record that will make you a threat in Canada. Thus, you need a police clearance certificate.

Offer of Employment

When applying for the Federal Skilled Trade program, an offer of employment from a Canadian employer is compulsory if you do not have a certificate of qualification. You do not need an offer of employment for the Federal Skilled Worker program, but having one makes you a stronger candidate.

Documents Required for Migrating to Canada from Abu Dhabi

Application Process for UAE to Canada via Express Entry

The application process for Express Entry immigration includes:

  • Fill out the online form
  • Be accepted into the Express Entry pool
  • Prepare your documents and boost your CRS score while waiting to receive an ITA
  • Respond to your ITA

1. Fill out the online form

If you want to immigrate from Abu Dhabi to Canada, the first step is to fill out and submit your profile to the Express Entry pool.

To create a profile, simply fill out the online application form and follow the instructions. You’ll need to enter information from certain documents (such as language test results, etc.). Once you start the application, you have 60 days to complete it and submit your profile.

2. Be accepted into the Express Entry pool

After submitting your profile, you will be placed in a pool with other candidates. Everyone in the pool is ranked using a comprehensive ranking system (CRS).

The ranking system scores candidates using factors like age, education, work experience, language proficiency, and Canadian connection.

3. Prepare your documents and try boosting your CRS score

Periodically, the highest-ranking candidates in the Express Entry pool are invited to apply for permanent residency. You can only apply for permanent residence only when you receive an invitation to apply (ITA).

While waiting in the pool for an ITA, you should prepare all your documents. Candidates who receive an ITA must submit their applications within 60 days. So, having your documents ready makes it easier to complete your application within the 60-day timeframe.

While waiting in the pool for an ITA, you should also try to improve your CRS score to increase your chances of getting an ITA.

Some ways to improve your CRS score include:

  • Improve your language proficiency and score higher in the language test
  • Get a higher education
  • Increase your number of years of relevant work experience
  • Get a valid job offer from a Canadian employer
  • Secure provincial nomination

4. Respond to your ITA

If you receive an invitation to apply, you need to respond to it. You’ll receive a message in your account telling you what to do next. You’ll need to show proof of the information you submitted in your application by submitting your documents.

Documents Required for Migrating to Canada from Abu Dhabi

Final Thoughts

The most popular programs for immigrating from Abu Dhabi to Canada are the Express Entry programs that target skilled workers, especially the Federal Skilled Worker Program and the Federal Skilled Trade Program.

The documents you need for your Express Entry application include a valid passport, education certificate, proof of work experience, language test result, medical exam certificate, and police clearance certificate.

Take the assessment form on our website to find out what immigration program will be best for you. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have a clearer idea of the exact documents you’ll need for your immigration to Canada.

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