Temporary Visas approval rate will be higher than ever!

12 Apr 2023

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Temporary Visas approval rate will be higher than ever!

Dual Intent Policy Update – Reducing the Number of Unnecessary Rejections

To avoid needless rejections of work and study permit applications. Canada is broadening the scope of the dual intent definition of immigration officers.

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Although the notion of ‘dual intent’ has existed for quite some time, it was created to prevent immigration officers from denying temporary residence applications (from international workers, visitors, and students) for expressing a desire to settle in Canada eventually. However, historically, it hasn’t been effective.

Canada is currently broadening the scope of the ‘dual intent’ provision, acknowledging that having two distinct intentions is valid. Canada is now emphasizing that the two objectives are ‘complementary, not contradictory.’ In simpler terms, aspiring to work or study in Canada while seeking permanent residency is acceptable and even encouraged.

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The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has also included a Temporary Resident to Permanent Resident Programs segment in the Program Delivery update. Although it’s intended for immigration officers, it’s also posted online for stakeholders.

In this section, immigration officers are informed that Canadian work and study experiences are valued, and numerous routes are tailored for individuals with Canadian professional expertise. Express Entry, Canada’s premier immigration pathway, awards points to candidates with Canadian work and study experience.

In the context of study permit applications, it’s stated that immigration officers should remember that the Canadian government promotes study-work-permanent residence pathways for potential students. Additionally, prospective students, particularly those who speak French, are encouraged to express their desire to immigrate to Canada permanently.

Previously, international students would often be rejected from their applications for expressing their intention to immigrate to Canada. These prospective students would highlight their desire to settle in Canada, aligning with the government’s stance. But were turned down for not demonstrating their intent to leave the country. At the end of their authorized stay. Refusals were especially frequent for students from francophone African countries. And there were suspicions of racism within the IRCC as a contributing factor to these rejections.

According to the Canadian government website, immigration officers should approve a temporary residence application if they’re convinced that the applicant will depart from Canada when their authorized stay ends, regardless of any negative impact on a current or future permanent residence application. 

If officers consider the possibility of dual intent but still reject the application. They must record this information in the Global Case Management System notes. They’re also required to clarify why they weren’t convinced. The applicant would leave Canada at the end of their authorized stay.


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