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Evgeny Blumin Gives Some Tips How to Increase Your CRS

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What to do if you don’t get enough CRS to get the Invitation to Apply for a permanent residency in Canada through the Express Entry system? Evgeny Blumin, the President of Green Light Immigration, gives a few recommendations that may become game-changers in your case.

“All my tips, Blumin says, may seem obvious; however, as my practice shows, for some reason, many people ignore these opportunities to increase their score.” Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada grants points for four main factors: age, language skills, education and work experience. Nothing can be done about the age; however, the three other factors can be improved.

Evgeny Blumin Gives Some Tips How to Increase Your CRS

The simplest way to get more CRS is to improve the knowledge of the first Canadian official language. A higher score will grant you additional points. Moreover, if you score CLB 9 in all four categories of the language test, you may get up to 50 bonus points for skill transferability factors (a combination of language proficiency with a post-secondary degree). The other way is to improve your knowledge of the second Canadian official language. If you score CLB 7 in the second language, it may grant you 30 bonus points in addition to points for every level starting with CLB 5.

The other way to pass the eligibility criteria is to get additional education. If you have a bachelor’s degree –  consider applying for a master’s program. Such program allows you to get 14-15 points (depending on your marital status), and at the same time to improve your professional skills. Moreover, Blumin strongly recommends everyone who is interested in immigrating to Canada to look at master’s programs in Canada.

A post-secondary program in Canada can allow you to stay in Canada after your graduation, which, in turn, gives you a pathway to find a Canadian employer and helps you settle in the country. Finally, studying in Canada can increase your CRS for additional 15 to 30 points (depending on the length of your program). Several Provincial Immigration Streams are designed for international students.

The last factor that may help you to increase your CRS and get the ITA is longer skilled work experience in your country. Three years of foreign work experience will give you 25 points. At the same time, Canadian government appreciates Canadian work experience more. For years Canadian employers look for top talented specialists around the Globe. Our company helps such employers to get a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) which would allow them to hire foreign workers. We often bridge such employers and immigration candidates. A job offer supported by LMIA will give you 50 or 200 points (depending on your professional category).

Evgeny Blumin, Immigration Consultant / ICCRC #R513445

Evgeny Blumin is a leading Immigration Expert with more than fifteen years of experience 

If you don’t get enough points at this moment,contact Green Light Immigration. We will help you find the best ways to achieve the required CRS score to make your Canadian dream come true.

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