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Exploring Canadian Permanent Residence? Enhance Your French Language Skills with Our Tips

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Recently, the Express Entry system has initiated specialized draws based on specific categories that align with Canada’s economic and demographic objectives. As of 2023, one noteworthy category comprises individuals with a strong command of the French language.

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has already conducted targeted draws tailored for this particular group. These draws have notably featured lower Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) scores compared to draws based on other categories and comprehensive all-program Express Entry draws.

Consequently, individuals both within Canada and abroad are increasingly opting to undertake the journey of learning the French language. This strategic decision aims to heighten the probability of receiving an invitation to apply (ITA) for permanent residence (PR) status in Canada.

In the subsequent sections, we have curated a selection of valuable resources catering to individuals inside and outside of Canada. These resources serve as effective aids throughout one’s language acquisition journey.

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Stages of Language Learning

Stephen Krashen, a prominent American linguist and educational researcher, outlines five distinct phases in the progression of acquiring a second language:

(Please note: The time frames are general averages and can differ based on individual factors and language immersion level.)


The duration of this phase varies, ranging from hours to months, based on the learner. In this period, new language acquirers commonly grasp vocabulary and refine pronunciation. Although they might engage in internal dialogue, they usually lack fluency or genuine comprehension in using the language.

Early Production

Around a span of six months, this phase persists. During this period, language learners usually grasp comprehension of approximately 1,000 words. They might also gain the ability to vocalize specific terms and initiate the construction of brief phrases, despite potential grammatical inaccuracies.

Speech Emergence

At this point, learners commonly gain a lexicon of around 3,000 words and master communication through constructing brief phrases, sentences, and inquiries. While grammatical precision might still be lacking, this phase is crucial for enhanced comprehension as learners begin reading and writing in their second language.

Intermediate Fluency

During this phase, which can extend for a year or longer following speech development, learners commonly possess a vocabulary of up to 6,000 words. They often attain the skill to express themselves through intricate sentences in both written and spoken communication. This pivotal juncture marks the inception of thinking in a second language, a practice that significantly enhances speaking proficiency.

Advanced Fluency

Reaching this point typically requires a minimum of two years for most learners, followed by a potential span of up to a decade to complete mastery of the second language, encompassing its intricacies and subtleties. Sustaining fluency needs ongoing chances for second language learners to partake in conversations and uphold their linguistic proficiency.

Available Assets for Individuals Present in Canada

People already living in Canada can benefit from the following tools: 

Mauril App

Mauril, a Canadian application, offers a unique language-learning approach. It emphasizes Canadian audio and video content to enhance listening and comprehension skills. Suited for learners in stages one, two, and four, the app builds vocabulary and comprehension and imparts insights into Canadian culture and language subtleties.

Part-time Courses and Continuing Studies 

Canadian universities, colleges, and private institutions provide part-time courses catering to individuals working or studying full-time. A simple online search unveils available classes in your locality. While potentially more costly, these programs might encompass all language learning phases, fostering a community for practicing and honing French language abilities.

Government Assistance

Provincial and municipal governments extend language learning support to temporary residents (such as student and work visa holders). Availability varies based on the region and local jurisdiction. Explore newcomer-serving organizations in your area through a web search to determine eligibility. These services might cover various stages of language acquisition.

Available Assets for Individuals Beyond Canada

For individuals outside of Canada, various online resources exist to enhance French proficiency. Here are some widely favored options:

Rosetta Stone 

This online platform provides an application, speech recognition technology, and bite-sized lessons. Its immersive approach initially benefits learners, fostering comprehension and fluency through vocabulary absorption and pronunciation practice. While there are costs involved, various pricing plans make Rosetta Stone’s language learning accessible.


Emphasizing practical vocabulary and language acquisition, Babbel’s app employs a repetitive method for reinforcing learning. Real-life dialogues, vocabulary, and pertinent topics for stages one, two, and three are covered.


A free platform with a focus on interactive practice, Busuu stands out with live sessions and a network of language speakers. Suited for stage three, four, and five learners seeking convenient, portable lessons to solidify their language skills.


Linking learners with language tutors, Preply offers tailored sessions, even addressing specific requirements like immigration test preparation. Its adaptable model accommodates all stages of language learning.


Like Preply, Italki connects tutors and learners, providing filters for teacher selection based on budget, schedule, and learning needs. Tutors often specialize in approved immigration language tests, catering to all language learning stages.

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