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Federal Skilled Worker Program

For the past hundred years, Canada’s economy was grown and strengthen by a steady influx of generations of enterprising immigrants from all over the world. As a result, the Canadian government has a preference for skilled workers to immigrate to this country.

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Getting A Work Permit In Canada

Due to its goals for economic developments, the Canadian government has developed and constantly modifies its main immigration program aimed at skilled foreign workers – the Federal Skilled Worker Program. Since 2015, this program is processed through the online selection system Express Entry, through which candidates are invited to settle, based on an evaluation of various factors.

So, what type of candidates does Canada look for? The ideal skilled worker should be relatively young. The optimal age of the immigrant is 20-29 years old, for which one can get 100-110 points (depending on whether the candidate is single or married). Such candidates are given maximum points for age. In general, Canada grants some points for candidates up until the age of 44, and those ages 40 can get about half of the possible points for age.

Canada is looking for people with a higher education, and the higher it is – the more points are awarded to the candidate. A higher education gives a candidate about 112-150 points. A trade certificate or diploma can give about 84-98 points.

Another important factor in the immigration evaluation is knowledge of English or French. The better the main applicant knows at least one official language – the more points they can get. It should also be noted that the maximum possible score for the main language is 128 or 136 points (depending on whether the candidate is married). You can also get some bonus points for language proficiency with the CLB 9, which can be obtained by getting IELTS score of 8.0, 7.0, 7.0, 7.0 and higher or CELPIP score 9, 9, 9, 9.

The last important puzzle in the immigration evaluation is the individual’s work experience. Canada appreciates one’s work experience, but only if it was done in Canada. As a result, work experience in one’s home country does not give them any points by itself. However, 1-2 years of home country experience in combination with knowledge of the official language(s) gives the candidate 13 or 25 points, and for 3 years of experience – 25 or 50 points. Similarly, points are awarded for a combination of foreign and Canadian work experience. With Canadian experience, a candidate can immigrate through the Canadian Experience Class.

Thus, the ideal skilled worker is younger than 30 years old, has a bachelor’s degree, received the English language score at the CLB 9 level, and has at least three years of skilled work experience. The lack of points for one of the factors can easily be compensated by a higher score for another factor.

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