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How to Find a Job in Canada

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Canada is the most peaceful nation outside Oceania and Europe and the world’s tenth-most peaceful country. It’s also one of the world’s most welcoming countries. Remember, every home that welcomes visitors is more blessed than a closed-door home. Canada is known for its welcoming generosity to people who want to immigrate for various valid reasons. Annually, our government allows over 400,000 foreigners to immigrate to Canada as permanent residents to fulfill their dreams and enjoy freedom.

But how difficult or easy is it to find a job in Canada? How do you find a dream job in Canada without taking shortcuts that soon backfire as deadly short-circuits? Keep reading to answer these fundamental questions and learn how we can help you immigrate to Canada legally.

What Does a Canadian Job Mean?

Canada provides hundreds of thousands of immigrants with job opportunities. Some immigrate to Canada as refugees who later on join the labour force. Others relocate to Canada, seeking greener pastures and career advancement opportunities.

These two immigrant groups can secure permanent residency by following the laid-down procedures. So, getting a job in Canada the right way is a sure pathway to obtaining permanent residence. Here are quick facts about immigration before examining how to secure your Canadian dream job.

  • The Canadian government allows a given number of permanent residents based on its annual Immigration Levels Plan. This Levels Plan is tabled in Parliament yearly.
  • In 2019, Canada welcomed over 341,000 permanent residents and admitted over 184,500 others in 2020. In 2021 Canada welcomed 401,000 new permanent residents (https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/news/2021/12/canada-welcomes-the-most-immigrants-in-a-single-year-in-its-history.html)
  • Immigrants constitute almost 100% of Canada’s labor force growth. They also account for approximately 75% of its population growth, predominantly in the economic category.
  • By 2036, immigration will account for up to 30% of Canada’s population, up from 20.7% in 2011.
  • Immigrants address labor shortages in primary sectors like healthcare. They comprise 37% of pharmacists, 36% of physicians, 39% of dentists, 23% of registered nurses, and 35% of nurse aides and other related professions.

Options for Your Permanent Residency Strategy

Becoming a permanent Canadian resident is easier and safer if you do it legally. The law provides you with different avenues, work and study being top ones. This section examines how you can use your career or education pursuit to become a permanent resident.


Since most people seeking permanent Canadian residency and citizenship use work, we shall focus on this avenue more. Here are some tips to help you secure a job in Canada.

  • Target your search

You need to laser-focus your job search to succeed in your goal. Thus, know which job you want to get and where it is. Narrow your search to job opportunities that suit your core competencies, dreams, goals, skills, experience, and strengths.

Additionally, focus your search on the region or province with the greatest number of vacancies. For instance, if you want an ICT job, focus near large cities like Vancouver or Montreal. Below are free and helpful official state resources to help you search for your dream job.

  • The Government of Canada Job Bank: This is an official Canadian job listing website.
  • Immigration Resources: The Canadian Government has every necessary immigration resource to accelerate your search on a single page to get your Social Insurance Number (SIN) and assess your qualifications.
  • Head-hunters, recruitment agencies and licensed immigration consultants like Green Light Canada Immigration can refer you to the Canadian employers they work for.

You may also jumpstart your job search using reputable online job boards like Workopolis, Monster, Indeed, and Eco Canada.

  • Brush up your resume

Now you know where your dream jobs are. It’s time to polish your resume to secure prime interviews with potential employers. Please note that Canada has a traditional way of formatting resumes. Canadian employers prefer reading your highlighted work experience to long job lists.

It would also be better to tailor your resume to meet specific job requirements. If necessary, follow up your resume with a cover letter to consolidate your application and make your resume outstanding.

How to Find a Job in Canada

  • Perfect your interview skills

Have you applied for your dream job? Are you ready to open your next career frontier? Then preparing for it is a must-have step. Perfecting your interviewing skills prepares you for your next job.

A successful interview requires effective communication skills and professional body language. Your dressing code should also match your desired job type because people will address you the way you dress. Also, apply the same principles to online interviews.

Take time to think about the soon-coming conversation and figure out how to answer questions. Always focus on the conversations because recruiters easily detect disconnected interviewees. Overall, don’t wear yourself out seeking 100% perfection because most employers seek employees willing to learn and grow. So, just focus on presenting yourself as the perfect “raw material” for greatness by showing the right attitude.

  • Get accreditation 

Getting accreditation boosts your chances of securing your ideal Canadian job. Get certification for your past work, education, and papers. This certification ensures your job experience and education match Canadian academic and professional standards.

You can follow these steps to accredit your credentials and experience in Canada. All papers must be French or English. Otherwise, translate them before submission.

  • Up your networking game

Landing your dream job isn’t a solo cheetah hunt but a networked lion pride hunt. You need other people’s input to secure your Canadian job opportunity because networking enhances your chances.

Leverage a professional social platform like LinkedIn to move closer to your desired job. LinkedIn has many recruiters seeking qualified candidates. Go ahead and draft a stellar profile to attract potential employers within your professional field.

Connect to these prospective employers and engage them on the platform without sounding pushy and desperate. Don’t forget to attend online networking events in your chosen city and career field to boost your network.

  • Accept help

Just like networking, don’t pursue your immigration dream alone. Instead, accept help from well-meaning people. Many people are willing to help you with professional guidance.

For instance, some can offer you pre or post-arrival services like employment mentorship to prepare you for your stay in Canada. These services help you plan for your immigration to Canada early enough to avoid unnecessary shocks on your arrival.

A firm like Green Light Immigration is an excellent model that offers a full range of immigration services. The company has top Canada immigration consultants leading this preparation stage to make your Canadian immigration more meaningful. You enjoy customized immigration solutions that connect you to academic and career opportunities when settling in Canada.


Education is another avenue you can use to settle permanently in Canada. Although this option isn’t better or cheaper than working, it’s still beneficial. Additionally, the Canadian Government allows you to work while studying. This option lets you help your spouse secure a work permit, work temporarily, or secure permanent Canadian residency after graduating.

Luckily, international students in Canada may work for up to 20 hours weekly or full-time during planned breaks, without work permits. You only need a study permit and full-time enrollment in a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) to work on or off-campus.

You can work directly for your college or essential service providers like gyms operating on your campus. This multitasking approach helps you support yourself financially, connect with new people, and build work experience.

Alternatively, you may focus on your studies full-time and work after your graduation in your career field. The law gives you different options for becoming a permanent Canadian resident. You can use the Come to Canada tool to explore available options.

Get the Green Light to Immigrate Today

Working and studying in Canada are two valuable pathways to secure permanent Canadian residency. You can use whatever suits you best to fulfill your dreams in Canada. So, which of these two options is cheaper and better you ask? Working is definitely the better option because you can use it to further your studies online.

That’s why we shared invaluable insights to help you secure your dream job as you settle in Canada. Go ahead and utilize them to boost your employment and live your Canadian dream.

Do you have obstacles standing in your way? Don’t worry because we can help you get a secure green light and settle in Canada legally without any fears. Our custom services prepare you for a prosperous future in Canada. Step forward and contact us today to help you realize your dream to immigrate to Canada.

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