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Ways to immigrate to Canada without English language test.

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Canada has two official languages, thus the initial requirement for potential immigrants is the proficiency in English or French language at a sufficient level for integration into Canadian society. Since the level of language proficiency is very subjective, there are several tests that determine the level of language knowledge that meets the immigration requirements.

Unfortunately, not all applicants, even those who speak English or French at the required level, can successfully pass the exam and score the required grades. Moreover, passing the test can become an insurmountable obstacle for a person who does not speak the language at all.

Potential immigrants tend to think that the language can be learned within the appropriate environment, and usually it is so. But how can you get into this language environment if you need that knowledge of the language for immigration? There are several ways of immigration for people with a low level of language skills.

The most effective way of immigration, in this case, is to get a job offer from a Canadian employer. If you have a job offer you just need to prove that your level of language is sufficient to fulfill your job duties. Accordingly, if the work does not require fluency in the language, then it is quite simple.

Our company has extensive contacts with local employers who have the right to employ foreign workers. After assessing your education and work experience, Green Light Canada Global Mobility Solutions Ltd. will help you to obtain a work permit based on your occupation.

There are also provincial immigration programs that have lower language proficiency requirements if you have a certain work experience in the in-demand occupation in a particular province or a valid job offer from an employer from that province.

Most of the Canadian provinces are willing to grant provincial nominations to candidates who have worked for a certain time within the province or have a job offer from that province. The provincial nomination is practically a pathway to obtain permanent resident status in Canada.

Our experts can develop an immigration strategy based on your personal history. We will be able to evaluate your situation and recommend you the best way to immigrate.

Another effective method of immigration without taking the language test is enrollment in language courses with subsequent enrollment to a full-time study program which will allow the applicant to receive a work permit for up to three years. This time is enough to complete your immigration and obtain Canadian permanent residency.

Finally, the easiest way to visit Canada and determine whether immigration to Canada is really what you want is to get a tourist visa. During your visit to Canada, you can choose whether this visit will be a pleasant tourist trip or the first step towards immigration.

Our certified consultants will help you to arrange all the documents properly and will accompany you throughout the entire immigration process.

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