How to Sponsor Your Parents if You Don't Have ...

12 Jul 2018

Many new immigrants have to leave their parents in home countries. Those of them who are at the old age cannot take care of themselves.

The temporary invitation of parents to visit and the opening of a tourist visa is not a big deal, immigration of old parents is a complex process.

Sponsorship of parents is a complicated process since the potential sponsors should meet very high requirements. First of all, this is the family income level, which meets the minimum criteria. Not all candidates are able to show the required income, especially over the past three years, which is also an indispensable condition for sponsoring parents.

Even those candidates who meet all the criteria of the parental sponsorship program cannot apply for sponsorship because there is a limited quota for this immigration program. Following the recent changes in immigration legislation, sponsorship of parents is carried out in a lottery format and the final decision is the matter of fortune.

What can you do if you don’t meet the conditions of the program, or were not fortunate to win the family sponsorship lottery? Is everything so hopeless?

Many years of Green Light Canada Global Mobility Solutions Ltd.’s experience suggests that there are other opportunities for reunification with parents.

The most effective way is to apply for permanent resident status on the basis of Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds, the so-called principles of humanity and compassion. This is the exception when Canada is ready to give status to a person who is not eligible for any immigration program but has serious reasons for living in Canada.

In most cases, parents are exactly the category of people who fit within the framework of Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds. These are people of advanced age who need constant care, support and medical supervision. With the correct presentation of the facts and the proper application, it is quite possible to obtain a positive decision and provide parents with permanent resident status in Canada.

The complexity of this path is that Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds is an exception to all other immigration programs. And accordingly, it is necessary to carry out an exceptional work on the preparation of a package of documents to prove that the applicant is worthy of the right to exclusion.

The team of Green Light Canada Global Mobility Solutions Ltd. is proud of its experience in the successful filing of such cases. Our specialists will conduct an assessment of your individual situation, and subsequently help to prepare the entire package of documents, thus ensuring maximum chances for a positive decision.

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