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Montreal, QC
2 weeks ago
25-30 Cad/Hr
Software Developers

IT Developers – Software Developer

A Software company in Montreal, QC, is seeking 2 Software Developers to join their team.

Job Summary: The Software Developer is responsible for researching, designing, developing, and testing operating systems-level software and network distribution software, setting operational specifications, formulating and analyzing software requirements. 

Key Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with product and design team counterparts to solve challenges collectively.
  • Produce many high-quality codes within guard rails set by more senior team members.
  • Receive and provide feedback during the code review process, confirming requirements are met while ensuring code quality remains high.
  • Create unit tests for existing and new code bases to ensure your solution is solid.


  • Experience: 1+ years of experience in software development
  • Experience building RESTful APIs
  • Experience with Python
  • Experience building single-page web applications (e.g., Angular, React, etc.).
  • To believe strongly in writing testable and maintainable code.

Job Conditions:

Monthly salary: Varies according to experience from $6,000 – $7,000/month.

Job Type: Full-time, Part-time. Permanent

Why this job opportunity is interesting to foreign workers:

  • After 9 months of employment, the candidate is eligible for immigration through Provincial Program (The company offers support with the immigration process)
  • The immigration Process takes approximately one year to get Permanent Resident Status.

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