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Latest PNP Results: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and PEI Extend Invitations

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Four provinces in Canada have actively nominated candidates for provincial nomination in the latest published Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) draw results.

The federal and provincial governments share the responsibility for immigration in Canada and consider the PNP a valuable tool for distributing the economic advantages of immigration to regions beyond major urban centers.

Provincial governments, through the PNP, have the authority to select and nominate candidates they believe are most suitable for economically establishing and integrating into their respective provinces. Once a candidate receives a PNP nomination, their journey to obtaining permanent resident status generally becomes less challenging.

It’s important to note that a province nominating an individual does not guarantee their permanent resident status. They are still required to submit a separate application to Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

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Provincial Immigration Results: June 10-16


British Columbia

British Columbia (BC) held recent draws on June 13, actively inviting candidates from the Skilled Worker, International Graduate, Entry-Level, and Semi-Skilled streams of the BC PNP, including Express Entry candidates. The most significant draw actively invited 170 candidates, with SIRS scores ranging from 87 to 107.

Furthermore, separate draws actively invited 23 early childhood education educators and assistants and 18 healthcare occupation candidates, each requiring a minimum SIRS score of 60.



On June 15, Manitoba actively extended invitations to 540 candidates across three Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program categories.

The first draw actively targeted candidates in the Skilled Worker in Manitoba streams, focusing on specific occupations. A total of 255 candidates, scoring at least 602, were actively nominated if they worked in professions falling under the National Occupational Classification (NOC 2021) major and sub-major groups, including technical trades, transportation officers and controllers, general construction trades, building maintenance installers, servicers, repairers, operators, drillers, and blasters.

A general draw also actively issued 205 nominations to Skilled Workers in Manitoba with a minimum score of 665.

The remaining two draws actively resulted in 59 nominations for candidates in the International Education stream and 21 nominations for candidates in the Skilled Workers Overseas category, all scoring 718.



Between May 9 and June 8, Alberta actively conducted seven separate draws under the Alberta Advantage Immigration Programs. Alberta had an allocation of 9,750 spots for 2023 and actively targeted candidates in the Designated Healthcare Pathway, Alberta, Job Offer stream in two draws. The first draw on May 9 actively invited eight candidates, with the lowest-ranking candidate having a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of 307. What’s more, On May 25, the second draw actively invited five candidates, setting a cut-off CRS score of 401.

In addition, Alberta actively invited 175 candidates through the Priority sector – Tourism and hospitality occupation with Alberta job offer stream on May 9, where the lowest-ranking candidate possessed a CRS score of 444.

Besides, In the latest draws, Alberta actively invited 236 candidates through the family connection and primary occupation in the demand stream. The first draw on May 11 actively extended invitations to 119 candidates, followed by the second draw on June 1, which invited 117 candidates.

Furthermore, on May 30, a draw was explicitly conducted for the Priority Sector – Agriculture Occupation with Alberta Job Offer, actively inviting 20 candidates with a minimum qualifying CRS score of 342.

The most recent draw on June 8 actively saw the invitation of 150 candidates from the Priority Sector – Agriculture Occupation and French as a First Language. The minimum CRS score required for this draw was 382.

Latest PNP Results: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba,


Prince Edward Island

On June 15, PEI actively conducted its second draw of the month, actively issuing 118 invitations to candidates in the PEI PNP Labor and Express Entry stream. In addition, PEI actively issued four invitations to candidates in the Business Work Permit Entrepreneur category who surpassed the minimum point threshold of 82.

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