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Newcomers in Canada using social media (LinkedIn to Tiktok) to succeed.

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How Newcomers in Canada are Leveraging Social Media for Success – From LinkedIn to Tiktok

For many Canadian newcomers, social media plays a vital role in their daily lives. It provides them numerous advantages, such as job opportunities, a support system, insights into Canadian culture, and the ability to stay in touch with loved ones in their home country.

A 2022 survey conducted by CBC’s Media Technology Monitor shows that 42% of ‘newcomers who have read the news in the past month rely on social media as their primary source of information.’ The survey also reveals that over 30% of Canadian newcomers who use social media have accounts on six or more platforms. 

Social Media – Instrument for Job Opportunities

When seeking employment, it’s crucial for immigrants arriving in Canada to create a solid personal brand. Maintaining an active presence on social media can aid job seekers in promoting themselves and being easily discoverable to recruiters or hiring managers searching for someone with their skills, experience, and qualifications. Moreover, immigrants and Canadians can also use social media to research companies (such as their daily activities, values, and culture) while looking for a suitable workplace. 

Toronto Metropolitan University’s study shows that ‘individuals who use social media have 3.5 times higher chances of being employed than those who use traditional media.’

Newcomers in Canada use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to explore job opportunities, connect with potential employers, and investigate companies. Twitter and LinkedIn can also be utilized to track businesses and engage with people in the fields or careers of one’s interest. 

Newcomers can use LinkedIn to ask questions, obtain valuable career resources, and discuss professional topics of interest. Connections established through LinkedIn could assist newcomers in creating relationships and revealing job opportunities that they may not have discovered otherwise. This is the primary reason for the growing popularity of LinkedIn as a job-seeking platform. According to 2023 statistics from the social media management tool Hootsuite, approximately 52 million people explore employment opportunities on LinkedIn weekly. Globally, there’re 101 job applications submitted every second on the platform, and eight people are hired every minute through LinkedIn.  

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Adopting Canadian Culture and Enriching the Experience of Living in Canada

Social media provides new immigrants in Canada with an opportunity to discover cultural events, stay updated on Canadian trends and news, learn about Canadian culture, and enrich their experience in Canada. 

For example, Twitter enables users to keep track of events happening all over Canada. By following news outlets, journalists, and bloggers on Twitter, newcomers can participate in discussions on current events, like the over 7 million Canadians who are already doing so. 

Newcomers in Canada using social media (LinkedIn to Tiktok) to succeed.

Newcomers to Canada can follow Canadian influencers on Instagram or Tiktok to gain insights and perspectives on Canadian culture. They can also subscribe to Youtube channels run by Canadian travel vloggers or lifestyle influencers to discover ideas for participating in events and developing a social life in Canada. These influencers, whether Canadian-born or newcomers offer recommendations on activities, places to visit, foods to try, and more. Vloggers frequently showcase different parts of the country through their videos, offering newcomers a glimpse into unfamiliar areas of Canada and the general way of life in different Canadian communities. 

Creating a Support System by Forming Connections with Fellow Newcomers

Immigrants who move to Canada may face various challenges adjusting to their new home, from language barriers to understanding cultural norms and customs. For this reason, many newcomers turn to social media to connect with others and form a supportive network to help them feel more comfortable in their new environment.  

Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Reddit offer immigrants in Canada the chance to connect with others who share similar experiences and challenges. Facebook groups provide a space for people to share information about community events and connect with other locals. LinkedIn is useful for industry-specific networking, and Reddit has discussion forums where users can seek advice and form bonds over shared experiences. 

By leveraging the resources and opportunities social media provides, immigrants to Canada can form a support network to help them adjust to their new homes. With the ability to connect with others and seek guidance on everything from housing to employment, social media can make the transition to life in Canada smoother and more successful. 

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