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Ontario, British Columbia, and PEI Extend Invitations in Latest PNP Draw Results

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In the latest round of the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), Ontario, British Columbia, and Prince Edward Island have issued invitations to candidates. This emphasizes their commitment to shared immigration responsibilities between provincial and federal governments.

The PNP empowers provincial governments to select economic immigrants destined for their regions, allowing them greater control over shaping their local labor force. They choose skilled candidates who can effectively address workforce gaps and are more likely to thrive within the province. The PNP aims to nominate individuals poised to contribute significantly and establish long-term success within their respective regions.

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Enhanced Provincial Nominee Program Empowers Candidates and Provinces for Successful Immigration

A candidate fortunate enough to receive a provincial nomination experience significantly increased the chances of receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence. Furthermore, Candidates securing such nominations can get an additional 600 CRS points, almost guaranteeing an ITA in upcoming draws.

To distribute available Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) nominations,  IRCC allocates quotas to each province based on the most recent Immigration Levels Plan. This comprehensive plan sets the targets for permanent resident admissions over the next three years.

Recent developments show that provinces seek more autonomy over economic immigration. They have expressed their interest in individual agreements with the federal government, akin to Quebec’s arrangement. Quebec is Canada’s sole province with total authority over the selection of economic immigrants through the Canada-Quebec Accord.

Although specific agreements still need further finalization, the Forum of Ministers Responsible for Immigration, in March of this year, ratified the Provincial Immigration Levels Plan. This plan delineates three-year provincial nomination allocations, many exceeding previous quotas. 

Through this initiative, provinces gain the enhanced capacity to plan for and welcome more newcomers. Adequate preparation can be made for essential factors such as employment opportunities, housing availability, and infrastructure development. It creates an attractive and supportive environment for immigrants in the respective provinces.

July 15-20 Provincial Immigration Draw Results

British Columbia

On July 18, British Columbia conducted its regular Tuesday PNP draw, extending invitations to 167 candidates across four draws. Candidates participating in the Skilled Workers or International Graduate Streams received exclusive invitations, encompassing Express Entry candidates as well.

The most substantial draw focused on 112 candidates holding tech occupations, with a prerequisite Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS) score of at least 88.

The other three draws were occupation-specific, each necessitating a minimum SIRS score of 60. The province invited:

  • 39 early childhood educators and assistants.
  • 16 healthcare professionals.
  • Fewer than five candidates from other priority occupations.


On July 20, Ontario conducted two draws within the Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream, specifically targeting candidates in certain occupations.

In the first draw, the province extended invitations to 902 candidates with tech occupations, while the second draw invited 159 healthcare professionals. All candidates were required to have a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score within the range of 458-462.

In addition, these provincial draw results closely mirror the recently introduced category-based selection rounds of Express Entry invitations. Notably, this summer has seen 2,000 healthcare professionals and 500 science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) candidates receive ITAs in federal Express Entry draws.

Prince Edward Island

On July 20, PEI held its first PNP draw of the month, inviting 106 candidates and distributing them across two distinct categories.

The initial category focused on candidates under the Labor and Express Entry stream. Among them, 97 candidates were invited under the Critical Worker Stream. All working for a PEI employer and with a minimum Expression of Interest (EOI) score of 50.

Additionally, the province extended invitations to nine candidates within the Business Work Permit Entrepreneur stream, fulfilling the minimum point threshold of 80.

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