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At least 2 years of work experience in the last 5 years in the specialty for which a candidate passes an immigration process and an invitation to work from an employer approved by the province.

* Level of knowledge of English, Provincial authorities left to the discretion of the employer, that is, there is no need to take the language proficiency test to immigrate under this program.

But, like in any other immigration program, there are negative sides:

Pros of the Program:

  1. Almost any candidate with a job offer from an Ontario employer is eligible for the program (that is, not necessarily has to be in Canada and working for that employer).
  2. There is no need to confirm the knowledge of English. If the candidate’s level of skills suits the employer, the immigration authorities do not require additional confirmation of language proficiency.
  3. There is no age restriction.
  4. Terms of consideration are up to 6 months. From our experience, in 90% of cases, the program is in the time frames set.

Cons of the Program:

  1. The Ontario program collects fees at the candidate’s consideration stage ($ 1.500 CAD).
  2. Not every company has the right to issue an invitation to work. To meet the requirements, the company must exist for at least three years, if the company is located in the Greater Toronto area, must have a gross income for the previous fiscal year of at least $ 1 million and at least 5 permanent workers. Companies located outside of Greater Toronto – at least $ 500.000 gross income and at least 3 permanent employees.

Our clients are at an advantage as we help them to find an interested employer and prepare all the necessary paperwork.


 Alberta and Saskatchewan Provincial Programs.

The programs are very similar to the requirements Ontario Provincial Program.
There is also no need to take the English test, but other conditions must be met.

The main difference in the requirements to the Candidate

  • If in Ontario it is sufficient to have only a job offer from a local employer, then in these provinces, in order to be able to apply for immigration without passing a language proficiency test, you first need to work for 6 months. That is, you need to get a work visa that is certainly an obstacle, but if you are a professional in your industry, it really facilitates the process.

The companies that have the right to hire foreign professionals must meet these requirements:

  • There is no criterion either to income or to the number of employees.
  • If the company exists, is active and brings revenue, then it can hire a foreign specialist and after 6 months of work to help your worker get a nomination from the province and a permanent resident status.

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