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Pilot Immigration Programs 2020 – What You Need To Know

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So, it seems that everyone is so excited about the new Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot program and throws at you these attractive slogans like “You Have No Money? No Problem!” or “Your CRS is Low? No Problem” or “Your English Level is Low? No Problem!”

All these sentences sound so attractive as many of us can’t get to these fantastic CRS scores of 470 and up because of multiple factors, such as age, English/French level and education.

Of course, when such options are announced people get super excited about it and start promoting them to everyone. The same happened with the Atlantic Pilot Program. The language level required was relatively low, the funds one had to possess to qualify for the program was also lower than the usual Express Entry settlement funds requirement. People became excited. They started to look for opportunities to apply for this program.


Pilot Immigration Programs 2020 - What You Need To Know

If you want to apply to become a permanent resident of Canada under these somewhat facilitated processes, you need a JOB OFFER from a qualifying Canadian employer. Then people all over the internet start giving you standard advice as to how to look for a job (remotely in most cases),how to update your resume,

then people all over the internet start giving you standard advice as to how to look for a job (remotely in most cases),Thow to update your resume, how to set up a virtual Canadian phone number to have the employer reach out to you and not to be discouraged from you being not in Canada. All these advices are very nice and are somewhat true, but the reality is different. Canada experiences a shortage of labour in skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled occupations. Canada also suffers from a shortage of Canadians that can’t or don’t want to work and prefer to stay on certain social programs for long periods.

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So, the reality is somewhat positive for prospective candidates. It seems that you can find a job because Canadian employers are in real need of the workforce. The government, however, says that they are facilitating the processes of foreign nationals’ employment in Canada with privileges of becoming permanent residents

Pilot Immigration Programs 2020 - What You Need To Know

after they find a qualifying employer who would be willing to wait for their arrival as permanent residents in Canada. This is true when big and established companies plan their staffing ahead of time and are ready to wait for the employees to come in the XYZ time. Alternatively, there are, as the government says, expedited procedures for Canadian employers to relocate foreign workers to Canada.

Another important fact is small and mid-sized businesses in Canada that need their employees immediately and can’t afford to wait for a long time until their prospective foreign workers arrive.

All these factors combined add to the complexity of the situation, but they do highlight the need in foreign workers thus increasing chances for qualifying foreigners to obtain job offers from Canadian employers and apply for permanent residence based on these. Of course, it is not an easy task to find an employer who would be ready to wait for a foreigner until they come to Canada, but it is a fact. More and more positive Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIA or former name LMO – Labour Market Opinion) are issued in support of permanent residence and more and more Arranged employment endorsement for pilot programs are obtained by qualifying employers.

See approved LMIA statistics here, In Q4 of 2019 alone more than 30 thousand jobs were approved for LMIA.

Everybody understands that finding a qualifying job offer being overseas is not an easy task, but it can be done.

We, at Green Light Canada, processed more than two hundred (200) of successful LMIA’s, qualifying job offers under Pilot immigration programs in the last quarter (Jan to March) of 2020.

There is a lot of interesting and important information about immigration options, strategies, and tips that we are willing to share with you. Please like and share this post if you’d like us to keep posting.

Pilot Immigration Programs 2020 - What You Need To Know

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