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Preparing to Study in Canada? An Essential Checklist for International Students

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Secure Your Letter of Acceptance

Begin by confirming receipt of your acceptance letter from a Canadian Designated Learning Institution (DLI). This letter is vital for your study permit application, a prerequisite for international students planning to study in Canada.

Apply for Study Permit Application

Once you secure the acceptance letter, your subsequent step involves applying for a study permit. Assess your eligibility by consulting the Canadian government’s guidelines. Upon confirmation, compile essential documents – your acceptance letter, passport, and financial support proof – to initiate your application. You can conveniently complete the process online. Expedited timelines are attainable through the Student Direct Stream (SDS) for residents of 14 designated countries.

Acquire Health Coverage

Health insurance is obligatory for international students residing in Canada. Before your arrival, securing health insurance is crucial as it safeguards against unforeseen medical expenses and emergencies. While planning, research the health insurance options in your intended province of study. 

Some international students might receive provincial health coverage depending on the province, while others must acquire private insurance or enroll in mandatory institutional health plans. Furthermore, familiarize yourself with Canada’s healthcare system, which extends universal coverage to Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

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Find Appropriate Accommodation

Securing suitable housing is crucial before commencing your studies in Canada. Explore a range of choices, spanning university residences to apartment rentals, enabling students to select their preferred living arrangement. Strategic foresight and budgeting for accommodation expenses, contingent on the locale and housing type, are paramount considerations.

Maintain Duplicates of Vital Papers

Before departing for Canada, ensure you have all essential documents. These encompass your passport, acceptance letter, travel and health insurance details, bank statements showing sufficient funds, and vaccination records. Safeguarding digital duplicates of these documents is advisable to address potential loss or theft.

Discover Insights About Canada

Before arriving in Canada, acquaint yourself with the nation’s culture, traditions, and legal norms. This proactive step aids in acclimating to your new surroundings and streamlining the transition. You can explore Canadian culture online, participate in orientation sessions provided by your educational institution, or engage with fellow international students for guidance and support.

Choose a Financial Institution

Establishing a bank account in Canada marks a significant step in your initial endeavors. As an international student, you can open checking or savings accounts with Canadian financial institutions, granting access to valuable services like wire transfers, currency exchange, and debit and credit cards. 

Thoroughly research the available choices, comparing rates, fees, and student benefits to pinpoint the optimal match for your requirements [12]. TD presents an assortment of enticing student banking selections meticulously tailored for international students, encompassing a no-monthly fee chequing account.

Get an International Student GIC

Finally, Opt for a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC), a reliable investment avenue to support your education and living costs in Canada. Opting for an International Student GIC can also fast-track your international study permit application through the Student Direct Stream (SDS). Ensure your selected financial institution provides an International Student GIC and aligns with the Student Direct Stream prerequisites.

Getting ready to start your international student journey might seem challenging. Nevertheless, this convenient checklist facilitates a smoother transition, enabling you to concentrate on your studies and relish your Canadian experience.

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