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Provincial Immigration Invitations Have Been Issued by British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec, and Manitoba

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Provincial Immigration Invitations Have Been Issued by British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec, and Manitoba

In recent provincial immigration draws, four provinces have invited candidates. Most of Canada’s economic immigrant permanent residents arrive through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), with a target of over 117,500 new PNP permanent residents coming to Canada each year by 2025, according to the Immigration Levels Plan 2023-2025.

The PNP plays a crucial role in spreading the economic benefits of immigration throughout the country. Unlike before the program’s establishment in 1998. When most immigrants settled in a few of Canada’s urban centers.

Provincial nomination for candidates is possible because immigration is a shared responsibility. Between the federal and provincial governments. Quebec, however, is unique in that it has complete control over the admission of economic, skilled immigrants into the province.

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Results for Provincial Immigration Between April 22 and 28 are as follows:

British Columbia

On April 25, British Columbia conducted three targeted draws and invited 168 candidates. To be eligible for the BC PNP, candidates must meet the minimum cut-off scores under the Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS). While the Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS) employed by BC PNP shares similarities with the Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), it has a crucial distinction – it only pertains to individuals who are seeking a provincial nomination from BC.

All candidates invited in this week’s draw, including Express Entry candidates, were in the Skilled Worker or International Graduate streams. The largest draw targeted 113 candidates with a tech occupation and minimum SIRS scores of 90. The second draw invited 28 candidates with occupations under Childcare, specifically early childhood educators and assistants (NOC 42202), with a minimum score of 60. The third draw invited 27 candidates in healthcare occupations with a minimum score of 60.


This week, Alberta released the results of three separate draws conducted under the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP), targeting Express Entry candidates.

The first draw, on April 20, invited 152 candidates with a family connection in Alberta and a primary occupation in demand. The minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score for all candidates ranged from 300 to 500.

In the second draw held on April 24, 124 candidates were invited for priority sector occupations in the construction industry with a job offer in Alberta. The minimum CRS score for these candidates was 301.

In the final draw on April 25, the province invited eight candidates from the Designated Healthcare Pathway to stream with a job offer in Alberta. The candidate with the lowest CRS score was 316.

The AAIP is expected to welcome around 9,750 candidates in 2023, with 1,462 Express Entry candidates anticipated to be selected through the Dedicated Healthcare Pathway.

Provincial Immigration Invitations Have Been Issued by British Columbia


Quebec issued 1020 invitations to apply for permanent selection to candidates under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program on April 20. All candidates had a score of 598 or higher. And job offers outside of the territory of the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal.

Although Quebec has complete authority over selecting economic immigrants. Successful candidates who receive a Quebec Selection Certificate must still apply. To Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for permanent residence.


Advice to apply was issued to candidates under the Skilled Workers Overseas stream. The candidates were required to have a minimum score of 616 to be considered eligible for the invitation.

It is worth noting that only candidates who have confirmed their employment. In a regulated occupation and having a valid license to work in Manitoba was selected in this particular draw.

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