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Reasons Your Canadian Study Permit May Get Refused

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Canada is one of the countries with the biggest immigrant population. The country is a top choice for immigrants all over the world. For this reason, Canada’s immigration pathways are very competitive.

Due to this, studying in Canada was quickly identified as an easier path to realizing the Canadian dream. Immigrants would get a study permit, allowing them to live and study in Canada, and easing the way for permanent residency.

However, there are times when a Canada study permit application gets refused. This article will explore the reasons why a Canada study permit application may get rejected and help you know what you need to do for yours to be approved.

The common reasons why a study permit will get refused include:

  • Inadequate financial status
  • Inadequate proof of language proficiency
  • Lack of credible acceptance letter
  • Poor choice of program or inability to support a career switch
  • Lack of connection to home country
  • Falsified, inaccurate, or incomplete travel or identity documents
  • Biometric issues
  • Inability to present your points well during the interview
  • Poor travel history

Canada Visa Rejection Reasons

1. Inadequate Financial Status

One of the most common Canadian visa rejection reasons is finance. One of the requirements when it comes to how to apply for student visa in Canada is “to show that you are financially capable of supporting yourself through your study in Canada.”

There are different ways to show proof of financial support, these include:

  • Showing a bank account in your name which holds a stipulated amount of funds
  • Show proof of a student or education loan from a bank
  • Show a letter from (and bank details of) the person sponsoring your education

That said, if your proof of financial support is inadequate, your study permit will be refused as they won’t believe you can afford Canada student visa fees. Thus, before applying for a study permit, ensure that your proof of financial support will be adequate.

Reasons Your Canadian Study Permit May Get Refused

2. Inadequate Proof of Language Proficiency

Applicants are required to provide proof of language ability to obtain a Canada visa for student. If you are moving to Canada to study, you should be able to understand, speak, and write in the language that your lectures will be taught in, which is mainly English.

For proof of language ability, you need to take approved language tests. Examples include:

  • CELPIP (Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program)
  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

Note that it is not taking the test that shows ability, but obtaining acceptable scores. If your performance in the language test is poor, your study permits will be refused.

Reasons Your Canadian Study Permit May Get Refused

3. Lack of Credible Acceptance Letter

Another reason for a Canada student visa rejection is a bad acceptance letter. An acceptance letter is a document that shows that you have been accepted to a school in Canada. It is after obtaining an acceptance letter from a Canadian institution that you can apply to the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) for a study permit.

The study visa Canada simply allows you to stay in the country to complete an education that an institution has accepted you for. So, no acceptance offer, no Canadian study visa.

Not all acceptance letters are accepted for study permits. Acceptance letters submitted for study permit applications are reviewed for credibility. If the institution is not registered or does not meet certain standards, the study permit will be refused.

Know that there are some acceptance letters that are outright fakes. There are unscrupulous persons on the internet that post false advertisements and admit students falsely to make money.

Reasons Your Canadian Study Permit May Get Refused

4. Poor Choice of a Program of Study

If you’re wondering how to apply student visa for Canada, choose your program wisely. It’s no longer news that some people only use “study” as a front to immigrate to Canada.

They apply for a permit to study in Canada, but when they get to Canada, they have other plans.

Because of this, the IRCC tries its best to fish out such people and refuse their study permits. One way the IRCC does this is to check whether your choice of study relates to your academic or professional background.

If it does, the IRCC reasons that you will actually complete the study in order to go further in your career. But if it doesn’t, the IRCC may reason that you do not need the study and are only using it as a front to immigrate to Canada.

Thus, so that your student visa Canada is not refused, you should choose a course that is related to your academic or professional background. If the course is not related, then you should include a detailed personal statement explaining the career switch

5. Lack of Connection to Home Country

When it comes to how to apply study visa for Canada, this is one of the more harsh rejection reasons. The IRCC wants a study permit to be exactly that. So, students should be able to show that they will leave the country after their studies.

When the IRCC officer is not convinced that you will leave the country after your study, your study permit may be refused.

Some ways to show strong connection to your home country include:

  • Having a prospect for a job in your home country
  • Having a family in your home country

Reasons Your Canadian Study Permit May Get Refused

6. Falsified, Inaccurate, or Incomplete Travel or Identity Documents

When applying for a students visa to Canada, you must submit identity documents (which is primarily your passport). This is one of the key requirements for students visa to Canada.

You should ensure that you submit all required identity and travel documents and that they are accurate, clear and free of errors. Not submitting a required document, or submitting a falsified document will mean automatic refusal.

Also, note that the IRCC does not issue study permits that are valid past the expiry date of passports. If your passport expires in a year, and the length of your study is more than a year, your study permit will be refused.

So before applying for a study permit, you may want to check the expiry date on your passport and seek a renewal if needed.

7. Biometric Issues

To complete your online application for Canada study permit, you’ll need to do biometric scans. This process collects your fingerprints and a digital photo which need to be on your student visa Canada checklist.

You’ll need to submit biometric data except if you are younger than 18 years old or older than 60 when applying.

Ensure that you correctly scan and upload your biometric requirements when applying. False or erroneous scans and uploads can lead to refusal of your application. Make sure to double-check your student visa Canada requirements.

Reasons Your Canadian Study Permit May Get Refused

8. Inability to Present Your Points Well During the Interview

As stated earlier, persons who get student permits are expected to leave Canada (return to their home country) after their studies. If you want to choose Canada for student visa, be prepared for your interview.

During the visa interview, you are expected to convincingly tell the officer why you want the study permit, and that you will return after your study. This is another of the key students visa requirements for Canada.

If you go on about how your dream is to settle in Canada permanently, your study permit will probably be refused.

Reasons Your Canadian Study Permit May Get Refused

9. Poor Travel History

Visa officers give preference to candidates who have traveled a lot of times from their home country to other countries, so bear this in mind when you apply for study permit Canada.

The reason is because of what we’ve stated earlier. Officers want people who’ll leave Canada after their studies. The officers usually reason that someone who has on numerous occasions traveled to other countries and has always returned home is more likely to return home after their Canadian studies.

For this reason, some people will travel to another country (maybe for a vacation), and get their passport stamped, before they use it in applying for a Canadian study permit. However, it is very possible to get a Canadian study permit with a fresh (untravelled) passport.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned points are some of the reasons why your Canadian study permit may be refused when you apply for student visa in Canada. Good luck in taking your next steps to study in Canada.

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