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Ryerson University

In the heart of Toronto, the biggest city in Canada, lies Ryerson University. With many activities and events available both inside and outside of the school it is no wonder that over 40,000 students from over 148 countries flock to the University every year.

Since joining the Council of Universities in 1971 and being recognized as an official University in 1993, the Ryerson Institute of Technology has advanced to surpass its fellow Universities and became one of the highest ranked Universities in Ontario by enrollment.

Services For The International Students

ESL Foundation Program

One of the more academically focused services that Ryerson offers to their International Students is an ESL foundation program, which allows for the international students who are not at a sufficient level in English to take a huge stride towards the right level and even beyond.

Student-Run Workshops, Seminars, and Events

The University offers a large number of student run events, workshops and seminars to help students adjust to the society, culture and get insight/information about immigration and how it works.

One on One Counselling

Allows students to privately discuss with a counselor any problems that they may have in adjusting to the new lifestyle, culture, social environment, academic environment, and other challenges.

Career Boosting program

The career-boosting international program for international students to assist them in finding work while studying at Ryerson University.

Educational Program Enrollment Requirements

if the international student does not retain the level of english proficiency that is required, they could apply for a spot in the ESL foundation program instead and then begin the academic program they wish to pursue.

For more information, please visit the Ryerson website at www.ryerson.ca

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