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Can the same study permit application be resubmitted after being rejected?

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Study in Canada is a dream of many international students. According to official data, about 30 percent of all applications for obtaining a study permit are rejected.

Most applicants think that if a refusal is received, it is impossible to obtain a study permit afterwards. It is a myth. Our practice proves that the refusal of a student visa is a completely fixable situation.

To obtain a study permit after the refusal you need to understand why your application was rejected. As a rule, the main reason for the refusal will be indicated in the letter you received about the refusal. However, this may be just one of the standard formulations, not concretizing the real facts that caused the refusal.

We always recommend ordering a detailed explanation on the refusal, also known as Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System (CAIPS) notes. In the letter of refusal, you can find only a common cause, while the CAIPS note is a more detailed entry of the Canadian Immigration Officer. In the CAIPS statement, you can find the comments for your situation and not a set of common phrases. Therefore, after a careful exploration of the CAIPS notes, you can find out what caused suspicions of the visa officer and served as the reason for refusing a student visa.

There are several reasons for refusal and here are the most frequent:

1. Insufficient funds

You haven’t shown enough money in your bank account or you did not show the source of income. This is the most common reason for refusal. The amount on the account must cover the cost of tuition, accommodation, meals and related costs for the entire stay in Canada;

Green Light Canada Global Mobility Solutions Ltd. offers you an Assistance Refundable Fund (IRF)

If the study is paid in full or in part, then the chance to obtain a study permit increases. That’s why we are ready to help you to cover your college/university fees to minimize the possibility of refusal. You need to show the Canadian government that you have the means to study in Canada.

2. The reasons for choosing a particular program are not clear.

Sometimes study permit applications are rejected if the visa officer does not understand the logic of program selection. If you graduated from university in your country as an economist and applied for a veterinarian program in Canada, your choice may seem suspicious.

Green Light Canada Global Mobility Solutions Ltd. will help you to write an explanatory letter to the officer, explaining why you chose this program so that they could understand your choice;

3. Letter of admission to your institution.

The institution that sends you a Letter of Admission must be a registered Canadian educational institution. You also need to meet all the requirements of the program. If the visa officer doubts that your Letter of Admission is genuine, he may refuse to grant you a study permit. When studying in some private schools, there may be difficulties in obtaining a Post-Graduation Work Permit. Therefore, the selection of an educational institution and the training program should be very careful.

Green Light Canada Global Mobility Solutions Ltd. will help you with the choice of a registered educational institution and will suggest options for various programs.

4. You filed an incomplete application, or some documents are filed incorrectly.

The applicants often miss some details which they think are minor, while those details can be critical for the immigration officer. Some translations or specific documents may be not included in the package of documents at all.

Our team at Green Light Canada Global Mobility Solutions Ltd. is ready to help you to collect the correct and complete package of documents for re-submission.

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