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Studying in Canada Is a Pathway to Immigration

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Many people who dream to live in Canada cannot get enough points through the Express Entry system. Young people often do not have three years of work experience in their occupation yet. Other do not know English well enough to get high scores in the selection system. Those who are over 35, on the contrary, do not get enough points because of their age. In such cases, studying in Canada is the optimal solution for immigration.

The quality of Canadian education is one of the best in the world, and top Canadian universities provide the equal quality of education same as the education in the oldest universities of Europe or the top universities and colleges in the United States. A pleasant bonus is also the price of Canadian degree or certificate. The average annual cost of tuition in Canada is two times lower than in the US and about four times lower than in the UK!

The Canadian government is interested in foreign students staying in Canada after their graduation. That is why a foreign student has the right to apply for a post-graduation work permit for a period equal to the duration of his or her program, but not more than three years. Moreover, recently, all those who study in two-year programs are being issued three-year work permits after graduation.

The ratio of the Canadian authorities is extremely simple: a foreign student becomes a competent specialist in the labour market, who speaks English fluently or almost fluently and has also adapted to the Canadian way of life and culture and respects Canadian laws.

From the point of view of the Canadian Government, a foreign student is a double investment in the national economy. A foreign student has already invested in the Canadian economy, paying for his tuition, and after completing his or her studies and obtaining a post-graduation work permit, a foreign graduate works and pays taxes for the benefit of the Canadian society!

In conclusion, Canada equally appreciates both those who graduated from the university with bachelor’s and master’s degree or those who had chosen one- or two-year programs for obtaining a diploma or certificate. After studying in Canada, a foreign student can get more opportunities for immigration, both through the federal Canadian Experience Class program or through one of the numerous Provincial Nominee Programs aimed at foreign students.

Canada keeps being one of the most attractive destinations for international students. In 2017, Canada registered a new record of international students living in the country: 495,525, according to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). That is already more than the numbers forecast by IRCC for the year 2022 when Canada was expected to be hosting 450,000 foreign students.

Come to study in Canada! You will receive a prestigious education, learn English and get the opportunity to immigrate to Canada. If you have questions about studying in Canada, contact Green Light Canada Global Mobility Solutions Ltd.! Our experts will advise you on all issues related to education and immigration to Canada.

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