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19 May 2023

Top Five Job Sectors Set for Category-Based Express Entry Draws

Significant Shift in Canada’s Immigration Selection: Category-Focused Express Entry Draws Scheduled for Second Half of 2023

In a significant development. Canadian immigration authorities will now have the ability to invite candidates to apply. for immigration based not only on their points total and program eligibility but also taking into account the specific sector they work in. This change marks a notable shift in how candidates are selected from the Express Entry pool, allowing for a more targeted approach to immigration based on industry and preferred location. Candidates’ intended destination within Canada will also be considered as part of a future phase two implementation.

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The initial phase of this change will introduce occupation-based draws, commonly referred to as targeted draws. These draws will be conducted to select candidates based on their specific occupations.

Addressing a gathering of immigration industry stakeholders during a conference held in Ottawa on May 17, Minister of Immigration Sean Fraser highlighted five sectors that have garnered the utmost attention from his department as they embark on the latest phase of the Express Entry system. The system, initially launched in 2015, is now undergoing significant revisions.

The minister explicitly identified five key sectors during his address, namely:

  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Skilled trades
  • Agriculture
  • Transportation

Each sector encompasses various occupations categorized under the National Occupational Classification (NOC) system. which will be considered during the selection process.

During his address. The minister also outlined a two-phase approach that the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) intends to implement for category-based draws. 

In phase one, considerations will be given to the sector and occupation of candidates. Moving into phase two, the intended destination of candidates will be incorporated, along with occupation, points total, and program eligibility. In this second phase, the IRCC aims to reward and incentivize provinces that enable immigrants to participate meaningfully in the local labor market from the beginning. The minister expressed his intention to avoid situations where highly skilled professionals. Such as physicians, drive taxis due to complex or slow credential recognition processes in certain provinces, particularly in healthcare occupations.

While these sectors have been highlighted before implementing category-based draws, it’s essential to note that other sectors may also be encompassed. In fact, industry stakeholders widely anticipate the IRCC, Canada’s immigration department. Will gradually incorporate a broader range of sectors from the outset or in due course.

Meanwhile, the IRCC maintains its practice of conducting draws solely based on points total and program eligibility. Furthermore, the IRCC has clarified that regular Express Entry draws will persist alongside the category-based draws. This implies that candidates in occupations outside the targeted sectors may still receive invitations to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

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