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University of Toronto

Back in 1827, King George IV ordered the construction of a new type of college. A college which would consist of the same style and privileges as a University, which evolved later into the now world-famous University of Toronto.

Since its reform in 1849, the University of Toronto has focused on Scientific and Literary studies. The University is also a diverse community, welcoming in students from over 168 countries. Throughout the years the University has sent millions of students on their path to success.

The University of Toronto has educated Prime Ministers, Governor Generals, foreign leaders and Justices of the Supreme Court.

Along with the outstanding academic program, the University of Toronto is famous for its services for international students

Centre for International Experience

The Center allows students to learn other languages while practicing their own language through teaching. This counts as one a credits towards completion of their University education.

Graduate Center for Academic Communication

The university offers assistance for graduate international students necessary to develop communication skills that are needed in both the academic and personal Canadian experiences.

Mandatory Student Healthcare Insurance

The University of Toronto requires mandatory student Healthcare Insurence to cover students in case of illness or accidents or any health problems during their study there.

In order to apply the application form must be completed before submitting an application, which can be found online on the University of Toronto website at future.utoronto.ca/apply/applying,

To complete the application process the international students need to provide proof of proficient knowledge in English or proof that the previous two or more years of their education were under English instruction. There is a number of recognized tests to prove English proficiency IELTS, TOEFL

For More information, please visit the University of Toronto’s website at www.utoronto.ca

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