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24 Dec 2020

Business Immigration is a very popular term. People search for it really a lot on Google and other search engines. Probably you were exploring “business immigration” options for your Canadian immigration dream.

We think that this is the time to shed some light on what really is behind business immigration to Canada.

The Federal government of Canada is in charge of the Canadian immigration policies, regulations and programs. The Federal government makes the final decision about admission of foreign nationals into Canada under various immigration statuses as prescribed by applicable regulations.

As you probably know, the Canadian provinces have their own avenues of immigrating to Canada – Provincial Nominee Programs (and a few other names). The provinces are allowed to select candidates that meet their economic demands. In times, provinces have more flexibility and may be more attractive to potential immigrants.

Federal and Provincial Immigration programs have business immigration paths.

Federal Immigration Options

The Immigration, Refugees Protections Act and Regulations define “business immigration” as two possible immigration programs:

  1. Self-employed Persons
  2. Start-up Visa

In short, Self-employed Persons is a direct path towards permanent residence in Canada for self-employed athletes and individuals that specialize in artistic and cultural fields and
meet the program’s requirements.

Jonathan’s Self-Employed Story

Jonathan is an Israeli photographer. He is a relatively well-known photographer. He participated at international events, his works were published in internationally recognized and well-known magazines such as National Geographic and Popular Science. He was never a celebrity or a world-class artist but to our discretion, he met the requirements of the program. Jonathan had to score at least 35 points out of 100 maximum available points as per the following points grid:

Selection Criteria Maximum Points
Education 25
Experience 35
Age 10
Ability in English and/or French 24
Adaptability 6

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