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What Makes Canada a Popular Choice for Indian Immigrants?

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The first documented India to Canada immigration was in 1904 when Indian Sikhs traveled to and settled in Vancouver. Since then, Canada has been a popular choice for Indian immigrants. Today, Canada is one of the countries with the biggest Indian diaspora populations.

The question is why so many Indian immigrants only want to go to Canada? We’ll answer this question in this article. Read on to find out why Indian immigrants choose Canada and why you should too!

7 Reasons Why Canada is a Popular Choice for Indian Immigrants

1. Relatively Easy Immigration Policies

Canada views immigration positively. Unlike most first-world countries, Canada views immigration as a means to boost its population, cultural, and economic growth.

As such, the Canadian government actively works to attract quality immigrants. For example:

  • Canada has a lot of immigration programs. There are different programs targeting different categories of persons, including skilled workers, students, refugees, etc. So, no matter your education level, experience, or social status, you can legally immigrate to Canada.
  • Canada has one of the easiest routes to permanent residency/citizenship. The Canada Express Entry program is one of the best and least stressful in the world when it comes to routes to permanent residency.
  • Canadian immigration programs are relatively easy. Canadian immigration laws are relatively friendlier than those of other countries, making it easy for Indians to move to the country. For example, compare the difficulty of renewing H-1B in the US to the ease of obtaining a similar worker’s permit in Canada.

2. Attractive for Students

Canada is now one of the best destinations for higher education. The reason for this are:

  1. Education in Canada is relatively affordable. Both tuition fees and overall education costs are cheaper in Canada than in most other popular study destinations.
  2. Canada permits earning while learning. Unlike many countries, Canada does not prevent international students from working. International students in Canada can work part-time for about 20 hours a week.
  3. Canada offers post-graduation work permits. A very popular, but unofficial, immigration pathway is “study in Canada to live in Canada.” Canada is not like most countries that cannot wait to usher you out after your studies. Some programs in Canada allow for obtaining a PGWP (post-graduation work permit) which permits remaining in the country to work temporarily after your studies.

What Makes Canada a Popular Choice for Indian Immigrants?

3. High Employment Opportunities

People immigrate from their home country to another country in search of a better life. A better life often starts with a job that allows you to adequately cater to yourself and your family.

Finding a job for a better life is relatively easier in Canada than in most other countries because the country has a low unemployment rate.

Canada’s unemployment rate is currently 5.1%, which is the lowest it has been since 1971. It means there are opportunities abound for workers.

The demand for workers has led to an increase in wages. The average hourly wage is now $31.12/hour (which is a $1.18 increase over last year’s average). Thus, immigrating to Canada all but guarantees getting a relatively well-paying job.

4. Quality Healthcare Services

Canada ranks high in WHO’s (World Health Organization) assessment of the World’s healthcare systems.

For example, WHO ranks Canada as having one of the most responsive health systems in the world. The country is also rated as having one of the fairest mechanisms for health system finance.

The Canadian government funds health insurance, so accessing healthcare is relatively easy. As a result, the country has better health outcomes like higher life expectancy. The quality of care is also very high, making it even more attractive.

5. Safe and Peaceful

Canada has a low crime rate, making it a safe and peaceful country to settle in. Canadians are renowned for being friendly and this allows any immigrant to settle quickly in the country.

According to the World Peace Index, Canada is the sixth safest country in the world in 2022. The ranking looks at 23 factors, which include the potential for terrorist acts, political instability, number of internal and external violent conflicts, level of distrust, the number of homicides etc.

What Makes Canada a Popular Choice for Indian Immigrants?

6. Cultural Diversity

Canada is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world. Canada is home to people from all over the world.

Canada purposefully pursues multiculturalism to promote respect for cultural diversity and to grant ethnic groups the right to develop their culture within the society.

Thus, immigrants in Canada are likely to find people from their own country and people that share their religious beliefs.

7. Has a Large Indian Population

Canada comes out as a top destination where Indians can easily immigrate and settle in. Canada has admitted a lot of Indians and continues to admit more Indians than immigrants from other countries.

A large number have successfully immigrated to Canada, as the country currently has over 1.4 million Indians.

Interestingly, thousands of Indians continue to immigrate to Canada every month. For example, in the 2022 (Q1) Canadian admission of permanent residents, Indians dominated. Of the 113,535 immigrants admitted as permanent residents 30.82% (34,995) were Indians.

Also, the number of Indians admitted was more than the combined total of the next seven countries by over 2,400.

What Makes Canada a Popular Choice for Indian Immigrants?

Final Thoughts

Canada is a popular choice for Indian immigrants and it’s clear to see why. Canada has relatively friendly immigration programs, is a top study destination, has high employment opportunities, has quality healthcare services, is safe and peaceful, is culturally diverse, and has a large Indian population.

If you are an Indian citizen and dream of immigrating abroad for a better life, you cannot go wrong by making Canada your destination. Many Indians have successfully immigrated to Canada and are already living the dream, and you can too!

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