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Where are new Canadian citizens coming from? / From Which Countries are New Canadian Citizens Arriving?

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The most recent statistics of IRCC provide insights into the origins of future Canadians.

The steady stream of immigrants plays a vital role in maintaining the well-being of Canada. The nation aims not only to assimilate newcomers as permanent residents but also as citizens who possess deep connections and a stake in the progress and expansion of Canada.

Over the following 3 years, Canada plans to welcome more than 1.45 million immigrants through various immigration streams. The aim is to settle and integrate these newcomers in order to bolster the country’s demographics, economy, and culture.

Knowing the country of origin of Canadian immigrants can be beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, it helps to identify and appreciate the diversity of cultures in Canada. Canada is known for being a welcoming and inclusive country that values diversity. By understanding the countries from which immigrants are coming, it’s possible to understand better and appreciate the customs, beliefs, and traditions of various countries.

Different countries may have unique needs and challenges that require tailored solutions. For example, immigrants from a country where English isn’t widely spoken may need language training programs to help them integrate into Canadian Society. Also, knowledge of the countries where immigrants come from can inform policies and programs to support newcomers.

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Some attention-grabbing insights regarding the question – of where are new Canadian citizens coming from – can be yielded from the latest data provided by IRCC.

Leading Countries of Origins in 2022

Canada welcomed 374,554 permanent residents who became Canadian citizens in 2022, representing a significant rise from the 137,079 who transitioned to citizens in 2021. While the number of new citizens is moderately higher than pre-pandemic figures (250,000 in 2019), it’s still a positive indication that Canada’s immigration system is returning to normal operations and responding to domestic demands as necessary.

Below are the leading countries of permanent residents who became Canadian citizens:

India Retains its Position as the Leading Origin Country

Over the past 4 years, there hasn’t been a significant shift in the top 10 countries of origin for Canadian citizens, but their rankings have been reshuffled. Notably, Syrian permanent residents who have become citizens in recent years have experienced substantial growth and now represent the third-largest source country. This is a significant departure from 2019, when Syria wasn’t among the Top 10 countries of the source.

Canada has received the highest number of new citizens from India for the second consecutive year. In 2021, India accounted for 20,866 new Canadian citizens, overtaking the Philippines, previously the most significant source country.

How Does One Transition from Permanent Residency to Canadian Citizenship?

To qualify for Canadian citizenship as a permanent resident, individuals must:

  •       Hold permanent residency status in Canada
  •       Submit tax returns if required
  •       Successfully complete a Canadian citizenship test (if aged between 18-54)
  •       Demonstrate language proficiency (if aged between 18-54)
  •       Meet the physical presence criteria outlined by the Canadian Government

Assuming all other requirements are fulfilled, a permanent resident seeking Canadian citizenship must have been physically present in Canada for at least 3 years of the previous 5 years (1095 days) to qualify for citizenship, except in cases of extraordinary circumstances.

Suppose an individual has stayed in Canada as a protected person or temporary resident. In that case, they can count each day of their stay under such status as half a day towards meeting the physical presence requirement, with a limit of 365 eligible days.

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