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The advantages of employment in Canada are obvious: competitive wages, working conditions are regulated by the state (overtime, medical insurance, etc.), and most importantly, having a job in Canada typically guarantees you the possibility of immigration.

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The Canadian government is interested in attracting foreign specialists to immigrate here permanently who have the necessary skills, so they can fill urgent job shortages the country is facing nationwide.


Like any other country, Canada primarily cares about its citizens and permanent residents. After a series of reforms enacted in 2016, a Canadian company that wishes to hire a foreigner must meet the following conditions:

  • Make the maximum effort to fill the position with a Canadian resident
  • Submit an application for hiring the foreign specialist to the Ministry of Labour (it usually involves immigration consultant).
  • Pay a fee of $1,000 CAD for each foreign employee


Due to the recent reforms, employers typically hire a foreign worker only when it is necessary.

What does this mean for those who want to come to Canada with a work visa?

Despite the crisis in the energy sector, the unemployment rate in Canada is one of the lowest in the world. There are many industries in the country that are desperately looking to fill job vacancies. Labour shortages include:

  • Qualified specialists
  • Truck drivers
  • Low-skilled workers
  • General labourers
  • Nannies


Green Light Canada is licensed to search for and hire foreign workers. We have a detailed knowledge of the Canadian labour market, and know which professionals can easily find a job in Canada. We work with the following professions:

Working Professions*:

  • Construction, truck and agricultural machinery mechanics
  • Auto mechanics and straighteners
  • Industrial mechanics
  • Electricians
  • NC programmers (5 axes)
  • Building professions (masons, tilers, carpenters, roofers, etc.)
  • Locksmiths and plumbers
  • Cooks
  • Butchers


Requirements for the above occupations are: you must be qualified for the job, and have functional English skills.

If you are one of the occupations listed above, our company can help you successfully find an employer, obtain a work visa, and successfully facilitate the immigration process.

*Many occupations require a Canadian license (for example, an electrician without a Canadian license is not allowed to work). Our company can help with obtaining certification for such specialists.

Truck drivers

Immigration for Truck Drivers is one of the many streams under the foreign worker program. According to the Ministry of Employment, Canada is short of at least 15,000 truck drivers. The deficit is expected to grow by another 30% as the energy sector normalizes.

The requirements to work as a truck driver are: A-Z driver experience and functional English.

Under the Truck Driver Immigration Program, our company can assist you at all stages: verifying your driver’s license, searching for an employer, registering for a work permit, and immigration.

Other Programs

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