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The advantages of employment in Canada are obvious: competitive wages, working conditions are regulated by the state (overtime, medical insurance, etc.) and most importantly, employment in Canada gives practically guaranteed possibility of immigration. That is why many foreigners would like to work in Canada.

The Government of Canada is interested in attracting foreign specialists and creating the necessary conditions for excellence in the labour market, as well as for gradual integration and adaptation in the Canadian society.


Like any other country, Canada primarily cares about its Citizens and Permanent Residents. After a series of reforms conducted by the government in 2016-2017 years, a Canadian company that would hire a foreigner is required to fulfill a number of conditions set by the Ministry of Labour:

  1. Make the maximum effort to fill the position with a resident of Canada.
  2. Prepare and submit an application for the hiring of a foreign specialist to the Ministry of Labour (it usually involves immigration consultant).
  3. To pay a fee of $ 1.000 CAD for each foreign employee

Reforms and new requirements to the companies have reached the set goal and today the employer is willing to hire a foreign worker only if it is really necessary.

What does this mean for those who want to come to Canada with working visa.

Despite the crisis in the energy sector, the unemployment rate in Canada is one of the lowest in the world. In Canada, there are quite a few industries and regions where to find employees is very challenging. The country does not have enough:

  • Qualified specialists
  • Truck drivers (Canadians are not ready to leave the house for extensive periods of time)
  • low-skilled workers and general labour for by Canadian standards low-paid work (15$ per hour)
  • Nannies

Our Company is licensed to search for and hire foreign workers. We know the labor market from the inside and clearly understand which professionals we can help to find a job in Canada. We work with the following professions:

Working Professions:

  • Construction, truck and agricultural machinery mechanics
  • Auto mechanics, straighteners
  • Industrial Mechanics
  • Electricians
  • NC programmers (5 axes)
  • Building professions (masons, tilers, carpenters, roofers and others)
  • Locksmiths and plumbers
  • Cooks
  • Butchers

Requirements for candidates in the above occupations are high professional qualification and functional English language.

Our company will help above listed professionals to successfully find an employer, obtain a work visa and facilitate further immigration process.

* Many types of work involve having a Canadian license (for example, an electrician without a Canadian license is not allowed to work). Our Company conducts certification of such specialists in all areas of activity.

Truck drivers:

Immigration for Truck Drivers is a separate stream under the programs for foreign workers. The latest report of the Ministry of Employment says that to date, Canada is short of at least 15.000 truck drivers and when the situation in the energy sector will normalize, this deficit will grow by another 30%.

Requirements for candidates for work as a driver: A-Z driver work experience and functional English.

Under the Truck Driver Immigration Program our company assists at all stages – verification of driver license, search for an employer, registration of a work permit and immigration.


Hiring a nanny from abroad in Canada is common practice, since finding a local nanny who would be willing to live in an employer’s home and work for $ 15 per hour is almost impossible. And if the parents do not have anyone to leave the child with, then at least one member of the family does not work, so finding a family who is interested in a nanny in Canada is not difficult. In this sector primarily foreign workers are employed.

For nannies, the Ministry of Labor provides not only a facilitated recruitment system but also the possibility of immigration for those who have worked in Canada for 2 years.

Requirements for nannies: experience with children and functional English.

Under the program of Nanny our company will help to find a family for employment, will issue a work visa and further immigration for applicants.

Other professions:

The labor market in Canada is broad and diverse, if you are a SPECIALIST in your profession, and  speak English at a functional level – you can be sure that the Canadian labor market is open to you and our company is ready to help you.

We get down to business only if we are sure of the result! Contact us to Work in Canada!


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