If you are considering professional immigration and are involved in trades you will have considerably higher chances for successful immigration process if you receive Read Seal Certificate.

The benefits of Red Seal Certificate for your immigration process:


  • Simplified application procedures for certain immigration streams
  • Increase your chances of finding employment in Canada
  • Flexibility in choosing the province of residence
  • Standardized evaluation accepted across Canada
  • Acceptance to Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Prince Edward Island immigration programs without a job offer from an employer

What is the Red Seal Certificate? 

The government of Canada recognizes the importance of trades and the role that they pay in the economy of our country. According to Statistics Canada, 1 in 5 people in the workforce are a part of skilled trades and are involved in the construction and manufacturing sectors of our economy.

In Canada Provinces and Territories are responsible for skilled trades training and certification. However, in the modern day economy, the interprovincial mobility of the workforce becomes crucial with so many construction, infrastructure and manufacturing projects and businesses looking for the skilled labor force.

The Red Seal Program was originally created to facilitate the ability of skilled workers to move across provinces for employment. Over the years The Red Seal Program has become a recognized standard for skilled workers certification on the national scale.

Red Seal Trades

Although the overall list of professions defined as trades includes over 400 professions, only 55 of them are designated as Red Seal Trades such as:

  • industrial and construction electricians
  • millwrights,
  • plumbers,
  • carpenters,
  • industrial mechanics,
  • heavy duty equipment mechanics,
  • automotive service technicians.

The program sets unified standards to assess the skills of tradespeople across Canada, with each industry closely involved in developing the national standards for entire trade.

Canadian provinces and territories use the Red Seal examination as the final certification exam in designated Red Seal trades to provide standardized evaluation will be accepted across Canada. The organization responsible for the Red Seal Certification is called the Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship (CCDA) where the provinces and territories participate as members.

Red Seal Certification Immigration opportunities for candidates as part of Federal Skilled Trades Programs and Provincial Nominee Programs.

What to expect at Red Seal Examination for your trade?

During the examination, you will have to answer 100 to 150 question (the number varies by trade)

There are 100 to 150 multiple choice questions per exam, depending on the trade. The goal of the examination is:

  • To test the level of your knowledge of the trade
  • To test your ability to use mathematical formulas to solve trade-related problems
  • Use metric/ or imperial system in trade-related situations
  • Check your problem-solving abilities

The duration of the exam cannot exceed 4 hours. The examination is scored by the computer, so all answers have to be marked clearly. The pass mark is 70 %.

The test cannot be completed remotely. You can only pass the test while you are within Canada. You may be accompanied by the interpreter at the exam.

ATTENTION: Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Prince Edward Island are accepting candidates with Red Seal Certification, without the job offer from an employer.


At Green Light Canada Global Mobility Solutions we offer our professional expertise and support in:

  • Providing training for the Red Seal Certification Test
  • Preparing the necessary paperwork
  • Booking the test date
  • Providing with Interpreter for the test

Once you pass the test and get Red Seal Certificate we will be able to discuss together the next steps in find  you the job placement and the immigration program that will allow you to settle and apply for PR faster.

If you have more questions on Red Seal Certificate, test procedure and immigration opportunities that it offers for professional tradespeople, please contact us.