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Yukon Nominee Program

Yukon is a territory of Canada located in the northwest, bordering the American state of Alaska. This territory is best known for the Klondike gold rush of the late 1890s. Today, about 40,000 people live in the Yukon, mainly in its capital city, Whitehorse, which is also the largest city in northern Canada. The economy of the territory comprises mostly of tourism, mining, and manufacturing. The Yukon is an ideal place to live for people who enjoy tight-knit communities, and beautiful forests and lakes.

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The Yukon Nominee Program (YNP) is designed for potential immigrants with the appropriate skills and experience for the territory’s economy. Obtaining the Yukon Territory Nomination Certificate will accelerate one’s application for permanent residence.

The YNP consists of several immigration categories:
  • Yukon Express Entry (YEE)
  • Skilled Workers Program
  • Critical Impact Worker Program
  • Business Nominee Program

Yukon Express Entry (YEE)

The YNP Express Entry Program allows the territory to choose immigrants from the federal pool of Express Entry candidates. Yukon employers who can’t find Canadian citizens or permanent residents to fill job vacancies will look for candidates from abroad. YEE applicants are taken from the pool on the basis of nominations related to current full-time job offers from eligible Yukon employers.

Skilled Workers Program

This program allows Yukon employers to sponsor foreign skilled workers for permanent residence in Canada. Sponsored candidates must have employment levels of 0, A, or B in accordance with the National Occupation Classification (NOC).

Critical Impact Worker Program

This program is for employers who wish to sponsor foreign workers who have experience in semi-skilled or unskilled occupations, that are in high demand in the territory. This program was created to help employers sponsor immigrant workers who have experience in semi-skilled or unskilled occupations that are in high demand in the territory. Sponsored applicants must receive a job offer from a Yukon employer; however, they should not be located in the Yukon at the time of application.

Business Nominee Program

This program was created for people with proven business experience who want to start a new business, become a partner in an existing business, or acquire and manage an existing business in the Yukon. Applicants must be prepared to make significant investments in their Yukon business.

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