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Effective Strategies for Newcomers in Canada to Maximize Savings While Grocery Shopping

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Just like in many other countries, living costs have gone up in Canada, including the prices of groceries. Buying reasonably priced groceries is essential for people to live comfortably in Canada. This is especially true for newcomers and their families, as they need to buy things they use every day.

Because the cost of living is increasing in Canada, this article will talk about three ways to help everyone, especially those new to Canada, spend less money when shopping for groceries.

These ways are meant to help people make more intelligent choices while shopping for groceries, making it easier to manage their money, especially for those just starting their new life in Canada.

Opting for Bulk Purchases

Numerous Canadian grocery stores present special discounts when customers buy a larger quantity of a specific item. To illustrate, while one thing like a sports drink might cost $3.00, the store could offer a 3-for-$7 deal.

This implies that purchasing three bottles/cans of the sports drink costs $2.30 instead of the regular $3.00. This approach can serve as an excellent means to economize while grocery shopping, particularly if you’re shopping for a big household or items you can store for later use (like toilet paper or canned goods).

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Matching Prices

Price matching means that if you find a product sold for less at another store, you can show that to the store you’re in, and they will lower their price for you. This can be for things like bananas or toilet paper.

Stores with price match policies will change the price of that item so you can get it for a cheaper price.

Remember that different stores have different rules for price matching to ensure you get the best deal.

Not all Canadian grocery stores have price-match policies. However, these six big grocery stores in the country do have such policies:

  • FreshCo
  • No Frills
  • Real Canadian Superstore
  • Giant Tiger
  • Maxi
  • IGA

Utilizing Coupons

Coupons are a popular method to cut costs when shopping for groceries. Canadians can save money using email, phone apps, newspapers, or mail coupons. These coupons, provided by the stores, offer savings for various products.

Coupons usually provide discounts ranging from 50 cents to a few dollars on individual items. If used wisely, these savings can accumulate and significantly reduce expenses, which can be especially helpful for newcomers.

Coping with Rising Living Costs as a Newcomer in Canada

The method described above is just one approach for new Canadians to manage Canada’s increasing cost of living.

Alongside tips like the one mentioned earlier, the Canadian government’s federal and provincial levels offer various avenues for addressing the rising living expenses across the country.

On a federal scale, Canadians can access support such as:

  • Goods and Services (GST) Tax Credit, aiding around 11 million low-to-moderate income Canadians
  • Canada Workers Benefit (CWB), supplementing the earnings of Canada’s lowest-paid employees
  • Canada Dental Benefit, facilitating affordable dental care for kids under 12 through tax-free payments


At the provincial level, multiple regions within Canada also provide comparable benefits for their residents. Examples encompass:

  • Ontario Child Benefit
  • Affordable Housing Programs in Alberta
  • British Columbia Early Childhood Tax Benefit

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